VW Scirocco R vs. rivals

VW Scirocco R vs. rivals
5 Mar, 2010 12:18pm

Volkswagen's new Scirocco R meets three red-hot rivals in a sizzling shoot-out. Can it blast its way to the front of the pack?

The Volkswagen Scirocco takes its name from a warm wind that blows from the Sahara to the Mediterranean – so it’s appropriate that it has just got even hotter!

The new range-topping R model features a 2.0-litre TSI engine which develops 261bhp. This is transferred to the road via its front wheels. That isn’t unusual in this class of the market, though – the Renaultsport Mégane 250 Cup lining up alongside it here has already impressed us with its superb front-drive chassis.

As with the Scirocco, the svelte coupé-inspired French hatchback looks fantastic. And while it can’t match the VW in the power stakes, it does come with a very attractive price tag of less than £22,500.

One car that isn’t lacking in performance is the 301bhp Focus RS. Its five-cylinder turbo engine provides incredible pace – but is it a good enough all-round package to beat the new Scirocco and talented Mégane?

On the subject of great all-rounders, the Audi S3 mates the same engine as the Scirocco R to the company’s famed quattro drivetrain. It comes wrapped in an attractive body and wears a desirable prestige badge.

But which of our four models strikes the best balance between raw performance thrills and everyday user-friendliness?

The Result
1. Megane 250
2. Scirocco R
3. Audi S3
4. Focus RS


Scintilating performance is a basic requirement in the hot hatch sector, and all these cars produce the kind of power that would have been seen as fantasy only a decade ago. Pure pace is not enough to win here, though
– because brilliant handling is just as important. That’s good news for the Mégane 250 Cup, as its chassis entertains on every type of road. It feels agile, alive and involving, and costs significantly less than its peers. The Scirocco R is an accomplished machine that is both desirable and fast – but it simply isn’t as engaging as the razor-sharp Renaultsport, and that costs it victory here.The Focus RS and Audi S3 are polar opposites, which makes choosing between them a tricky task. While the Ford is raucous, with in-your-face looks and edgy front-drive handling, the S3’s understated styling, traction and composed dynamics provide a totally different experience. In the end, the Audi’s desirable image and more upmarket feel give it the edge over the RS, which leaves the go-faster Ford licking its wounds in last place.

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Give it up. You are not fit to write anything. You never choose the most practical of all three but the one that tickles your pickle. Of course you are a VW based magzine and you could be named autobild to seal it. Up yours and I laugh at your attempt of telling which is the one with the best styling. Whichever the buyer likes.

"Of course you are a VW based magzine and you could be named autobild to seal it"

The Megane won, you muppet.

These are all quite different cars. For me, I'd choose the Scirocco R. But I'm biased. For more info about the Roc R, visit www.rforum.co.uk. A forum for enthusiasts of the Golf R and Scirocco R.

This is just the kind of comparison I'm interested in, however to be more comprehensive it would be good to also see the Golf R, Cupra R and maybe something leftfield like the BMW 123d/135i.

What's really apparent is the large amount of choice in the VW stable at the moment though....what's happened to Peugeot and Fiat in this race?

Yeah they kinda lick renault too. Might as well admit their payment from the renault dealership. Still in 90% of the tests VAG finish first. Stupid result is even more stupid. And it is not muppet it is up yours as s s s hole.

Okay, fair enough, autoexpress is VW biased, but who do you think should've won???

S3? That's VW as well.

Or is it the Focus RS??? You can't expect an old, overpriced car that torque steers like hell to win. The design is dated and the interior is bland. It has 300 BHP, but what's the point if it can't put it on the road. Personally I reckon, they should've put the Golf here instead of the Scirroco and let it win.

I would'nt buy one of these until the new Astra VXR comes out and then make my decision.

The Megane beat the new Scirocco R in Top Gear magazine too. You can't include the Golf R. It STARTS at over £30,000 before adding anything and by the time you spec it up with cruise control etc that comes standard on the Megane you're talking about a £10,000 difference.

If that's ok then maybe the Golf should be pitted against a Cayman which is only a few thousand more or the Cayman S for about £10,000 more....

I should wait for the megane to be properly tested, in my country. Still the ford tracks better than the scirrocco R and the audi S3 in a 1:40 average race track and beat the scirrocco with a race driver on road conditions. Of course the audi passes in front for difficult conditions.

It is not older as somebody mentioned. Neither ford audi VW or renault changed chassis and body frames for their newer models. Focus RS did change the whole front suspension though as renault did in the past.

If I wanted a fast car for everyday use that would not bother me with tire roar, wind noise, engine noise etc I'd buy a golf or scirrrocco but then again why buy the R versions? I'd just buy a GTD or something to promote their basic virtues.

I thought that for these cars it is all about performance and involment. But even though the mama's boys here at autoexpress gave the ford the thumbs up when it got out for an "exclusive test drive" and put it against the EVO and impreza with success, now they criticize its handling? F**k you "journalist"! Torque steer is supposed to be there to warn of the limit even mazda claimed this with the 3 MPS to provide the driver with information eventhough THEY COULD ELIMINATE THAT completely.

XDS eats up the brakes and retracts from the power. A mechanical diff does not do that it is there to make sure the power is shared the best way possible...

The thing is, all of these cars are fast. Some do better in everyday use and as that it is the S3 that I'd buy. Performance is great, image is the best out of those and you can sell it again for a good price.

Scirrocco is cheap on the inside, compared, it has the old EOS/mk V interior it is made in portugal and is not as practical or 4 wheel drive. More or less goes for the megane with the dated torsion beam at the back.

The ford is the more absolute car and autoexpress can go satisfy itself on the anus for these reviews. If you want this kinda of thrill you get the RS, it already broke the nurbugring lap time for production FWD drive cars ( no the renault R26R is not one of that and a more powerfull racing style RS comes soon). You want fast and furious you get this one, you want to go fast comfortable to buy grocceries get the diesel golf GTD or something.

I don't really care about the test or the result, I just felt moved to respond to this;
"Yeah they kinda lick renault too. Might as well admit their payment from the renault dealership. Still in 90% of the tests VAG finish first. Stupid result is even more stupid. And it is not muppet it is up yours as s s s hole. "

By giorikas81 on 13 March, 2010, 7:22am

I know that this brings me down to your level (well, not quite) but are you some sort of paranoid freak? You need to start taking your medication again.

If you must compare cars of equal appeal, make them equal as well, S3 has DSG, why not pick that one to compete, I am sure that would change some of your views and figures. add 19" wheels to as an option makes quite a lot of difference etc.
A somewhat bias report for sure.