449bhp V8 engine for the next Corvette

2014 Chevrolet Corvette engine
26 Oct, 2012 2:24pm Tom Phillips

Next Corvette will get a uprated 449bhp 6.2-litre LT1 V8 engine

The engine for the next Corvette has been confirmed as a 449bhp 6.2-litre V8. The heavily upgraded unit, codenamed LT1, will deliver 610Nm of torque and be capable of powering the Corvette from 0-62mph in less than four seconds.

"The Corvette LT1 represents the most significant redesign in the Small Block's nearly 60-year history – building on its legacy to make one of the world's best engines even better," said Sam Winegarden, vice president, Global Powertrain Engineering.

The engine is the first of a new generation of small block V8s, which feature direct injection, GM’s active fuel management system (which shuts down four of the eight cylinders under light throttle loads) and variable valve timing.

Thanks to the fuel-saving tech, Chevrolet claims that the new Corvette will be the most fuel-efficient ever, returning a claimed average of 31.4mpg.

The new Corvette will make its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2013, before going on sale here later that year priced from around £55,000.

A convertible version will arrive a year later and should cost from around £62,000, making it slightly more expensive, but considerably faster and only a little less fuel efficient than the entry-level 3.0-litre V6-powered Jaguar F-Type.

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But it's still push-rod!

Yes, it is a pushrod. What is the problem? It is sophisticated, powerful and fuel efficient. Apparently objections are based on what is supposed to be fashionable instead of effective. Overhead cam engines are taller and would be challenged to fit under the Corvette's low, aerodynamic nose.

At only 72 bhp per litre, I cant see how this can be described as one of the worlds best engines, after a significant redesign thats all they get out of it, I would scrap it and start again, Audi where getting 444bhp out of 4.2 litres in the RS5, now thats a proper engine

Over 30MPG! Take note, Dodge. Take note.

Hi Ken,

Many years ago there was an DOHC V8 in the Corvette ZR-1 (LT5 engine) so it would be possible. I'm not sure if "fashion" is why most makers moved to OHC but it does seem to be popular these days :-)

The last thing the 'vette needs is a new engine - what it needs is a quality modern interior and better build quality Will GM ever 'get it' ?