Chevrolet Volt lights up London

17 May, 2012 12:50pm Paul Taylor

Unique automotive artwork, depicting the Volt in UV paint, revealed in London

Automotive artist Ian Cook has revealed a unique piece of work in London - the world’s first image to be created under UV light using only remote controlled cars and old tyres.

The image is based on a night-time photograph of the Volt in London, and comes to life when it is shown under UV light, as it appears to rise from the background.

Twenty nine-year old Cook from Solihull, West Midlands, had to dip the remote controlled Camaro models he used in UV paint so they would be visible in the black light. 

“This is, quite simply, the hardest piece of work I’ve ever created. I was more or less creating it blind. The idea was to create an image that was as innovative and mould-breaking as the Chevrolet Volt itself, while at the same time keeping in mind its electric powertrain,” Cook said.

The image was completed during a three-day car art workshop at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) headquarters in London.

During the event, Cook also created a detailed image of his SpART – a Chevrolet Spark in unusual livery.

Cook has worked on a number of projects with Chevrolet since 2008, including images of the Beat concept car and Camaro Convertible at the London Motor Show.