Citroen DSX SUV by 2014

5 Feb, 2013 11:48am Steve Fowler

The all-new Chinese-built Citroen DSX will rival the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 when it arrives in 2014

The Citroen DS sub-brand will expand further by 2014, with three new models including a Chinese-built DSX SUV, according to company boss Frederic Banzet.

Our exclusive images show how the new hybrid DSX could look, with a bold trapezoidal front grille similar to that of the Numero 9 concept from last year’s Beijing Motor Show.

The new ‘flying’ grille, with arms that slash into the LED headlights, is likely to become a DS signature. It will also be seen on new mid-size and large saloons, probably badged DS7 and DS9, plus the DS3, DS4 and DS5.

The DSX uses lots of chrome to accentuate its upmarket status, while the roof bars dropping down into the C-pillars provide a ‘shark fin’ shape at the side, similar to that on other DSs.

The rear end slopes sharply over the boot, providing decent headroom in the rear and good boot space. Size-wise, the DSX should match the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, at around 4.6m long.

However, Europe will have to wait for the new DSs, says Banzet – they’ll be aimed at the Chinese market and will be built in Citroen’s plant there. That means they’re more likely to use existing platforms, not the new EMP2 technology.

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Citroen quality from china will rival Audi and BMW...LOL... thats the funniest thing i have read all year...

Who knows one way or the other.

Most items come from China. So stop been so stereotypical. It might come and bite you on your ass

There seems to be no end to the trend of SUV-ising. Soon we'll have more SUVs than normal cars. It shows how bored young motorists are with their cars looks.

Almost every automaker makes cars in China in a joint venture with local companies, as to avoid the stiff import tariffs. I would suggest you do research next time before posting a comment so you don't make such a fool of yourself.

Guys, have you seen the spyshots on the new C4 picasso? Autoexpress renders just look exactly the same bar the heightened ride and the DS grille.