Citroen gives hints at future models

Citroen gives hints at future models
6 Feb, 2014 1:20pm Chris Ebbs

Concept sketches point towards what could come from French firm

Citroen has given a brief hint of what future cars in the line-up could look like with three different design sketches.

The pictures were revealed at the unveil of the new Citroen C4 Cactus as the manufacturer announced that many of the design aspects and philosophy of its latest car would underpin future Citroens.

However, the company was quick to explain that these weren't confirmed models, just a hint of what it could do. Alexandre Malval, Design Director, said: "These are not scoops. But what Citroens of the future could look like."

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While the three cars look far from anything that could see production, one does look similar to the manufacturer's Citroen C1 city car.

Citroen also confirmed that some of the design features used on the C4 Cactus could appear on other models in the line-up, particularly the air bumps and passenger airbag in the roof.

Frederik Banzet, CEO of Citroen, told us: "There's no reason why it could not happen (using air bumps and moving the airbag on other cars). They have be adapted for the segment, and it's a little too early to tell, but it could."

Meanwhile, Mark Lloyd, Head of C4 Cactus design, told us that there are no plans to share the Cactus name across the range with new models, like it has done with the Picasso. "The Cactus is the DNA of future Citroens. We're not going to do a big, little medium version of the Cactus." 

• Citroen C4 Cactus: full detals

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I would have dropped the C4 badge altogether if they are not planning on a C3 Cactus etc..

Yay, more SUVs. Can't wait.


I wonder how the airbag in the roof would work on other, smaller models? I'm thinking of those with a swept back screen, with the passenger seat set forward for perhaps a rear seat passenger. Would the bag be in the right place?

If future Citroen models look like that pic then its VERY grim / dooms pmsl