Citroen DS3 Benefit editions hit the street

13 Mar, 2014 10:17am Jonathan Burn

Citroen has teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics to create two special editions DS3 models. A third is on the way

Citroen has joined forces with Benefit Cosmetics and developed two special edition DS3 superminis. The two models are based on D Sign and D Style trim levels, with prices starting from £14,795. A third special edition will be launched later in the year.

Targeted at the female market, the entry-level D Sign model has been inspired by Benefit’s signature red lip and cheek stain. A ruby red exterior finish, contrasting white roof and wing mirrors, plus chrome detailing on the 17-inch alloy wheels denote this as the special edition model. Inside, a white dashboard, air vent surrounds and gear stick cap, plus Alcantara detailing on the seats make up the visual changes.

Citroen DS3 benefits edition

Under the bonnet the 82bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine connected to the five-speed manual gearbox remains. Citroen has added LED daytime running lights, air conditioning, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, which warrant the added £2,300 over the standard model.

The styling of the more premium D Style special edition has been inspired by Benefit’s mascara, and is marked out by the distinctive metallic grey finish, orange roof and door mirrors. 17-inch black alloy wheels and dark tinted rear windows complete the look. Gloss black detailing inside and Alcantara trim on the seats are also fitted to the model.

The more powerful 120bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged engine is fitted to the D Style special edition, with prices starting from £16,795. Both models are on sale now.

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Are they really going to call it the "benefit" edition. Surely that has connotations in this country that just dont work (if you will forgive the pun)

I'd rather have a Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii. Class.

The New Citroen DS3 Benefit Edition! If you buy now, society will pay the full asking price, you just need to buy the vodka and the cigarettes! Standard equipment includes underfloor storage for your cannabis and bricks instead of wheels!

When I saw benefits and streets in the title I thought channel 4 had commissioned something. Not a great badge in this country.

Its not quite April yet

You've got to admire Citroen for making the most of current discussion topics in naming their latest special edition.