Citroen and DS brands to be differentiated

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Racing badge
19 Apr, 2014 5:23pm Luke Madden

Citroen wants to move the DS brand further away from Citroen, with bespoke advertising and more luxurious showrooms

Citroen CEO Frederic Banzet has revealed plans to further differentiate the Citroen and DS brands in Europe. Speaking to Auto Express on the eve of the Beijing Motor Show, Banzet said: “Our intention is to magnify the DS effect.”

Unlike in China, Banzet confirmed that DS models would still be sold within Citroen dealerships, rather than getting their own bespoke sites. “The DS will remain distributed in the Citroen dealer network in Europe for the foreseeable future. We will have a specific lounge within a showroom, using specific lighting and luxury materials.”

“Two-thirds of DS customers were not Citroen customers before and they are clearly different to Citroen customers so we have to talk to them differently and talk to them differently. We needs a specific tone of communication, different colour codes and advertising which needs to express DS within the realm of French luxury,” said Banzet.

But away from the DS brand, Banzet sees the development of the Citroen badge starting with the C4 Cactus. “We want Citroen to be more about design and more about useful technology – I use that phrase very specifically,” said Banzet, referring to innovations like the Cactus’s roof-mounted airbag, which frees up space for passengers.

There won't be any more Cactus models, though, with Banzet revealing "it's just a name. Instead we want to take a lot of this technology and apply it to other cars in the range."