Dacia's new TV advert

18 Jan, 2013 9:55am Richard Ingram

Dacia hopes a simple approach to advertising will help it sell a new range of cut-price cars

Budget brand Dacia launches in the UK this month with three new models, all of which aim to undercut their main rivals by several thousand pounds.

What's more, the bargain motors appear to have had an influence on its TV advertising. Dacia hopes this simple approach will help it sell cars, and judging by consumer reaction so far, it may be on to a winner.

The Dacia Duster is a great-value compact SUV with a choice of petrol and diesel engines, and two or four-wheel drive. However, with prices starting at just £8,995 it costs less than an entry-level Ford Fiesta.

Also on sale this month is the capable Dacia Sandero. Based on the Renault Clio, it offers the space of a supermini for less than the price of base-spec city car. Prices start at a remarkable £5,995, but you’ll need to upgrade to a mid-range Ambience model to get kit like electric windows and a radio.

So, after watching this advert, would you buy a Dacia?

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Don't much like the 'working man accent', it might put off middle class people, who are the most socially insecure group of all, but apart from that it's clever enough.

Here we go - cheap new cars. So cheap they will no doubt depreciate what we have from now on. How much more can the British motorist take.

Good advert, good cars, right price. Dacia will be a success story.

I disagree - they are just demonstrating clearly how much we have been overpaying for years. Dacia will cause other brands to reduce their prices.

It's interesting how Renault pretty much withdrew from the UK market before launching Dacia. They know what's coming.

Might on - you're moaning about decent quality cars at seriously low prices? If consumers demand something it will eventually be supplied.

Might depreciate cars, but ALL cars so an individual's next car will cost less too.

Wouldn't be at all surprised if Hyundai/Kia launch a Dacia rivalling budget sub-brand to recapture some of their previous market if Dacia is a success.

If car prices go down, it is only really going to benefit the consumer... At least in the short to medium term.

Simple car. Simple ad. Simplicity is the key to Dacia's appeal. Dacia is the new car price hero bringing us new cars at the price of second-hand. Its successful in Europe so there's good chance it'd do well in UK.

The other day I read a news that Volkswagen is considering launching a sub-brand to compete with Renault-owned Dacia's cheap pricing. Seems like Dacia has the power to shake up the car market.

Who did the music?