Ferrari California 2012

Ferrari California 2012
20 Apr, 2012 1:34pm

Watch official test drive footage of the latest 2012 Ferrari California in action

Ferrari has released a revised 2012 version of the California convertible. Read our first drive of Ferrari's latest model.

Watch this official footage of the 2012 Ferrari California being driven on the very roads on which it was developed. Don't forget to to turn up your speakers - it sounds incredible.

Offering 30bhp more power and boasting 30kg less weight, performance is stunning, despite being the slowest Ferrari currently on sale. It can't match the pace of the 458 Italia, but still manages to sprint from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 194mph.

The latest California is also available with a new Handling Speciale pack, priced at £4,320. It's designed to sharpen the driving experience by adding a quicker steering rack, uprated suspension and stiffer springs. Revised damper settings are also included.