Ferrari California T goes slightly sportier with HS upgrades

Ferrari California T HS
22 Jan, 2016 11:00pm Sam Naylor

Handling Speciale (HS) option pack for Ferrari California T adds stiffer suspension and a new fruity exhaust

Ferrari's California T has been updated with a new Handling Speciale (HS) option pack, which adds stiffer suspension, a new exhaust system and a handful of cosmetic changes.

The HS upgrade will cost around £5,300, stiffens the car's front springs by 16 per cent and the rears by 19 per cent, which Ferrari says improves the car's composure when driving fast. The dampers will be improved as well, boosting their responsiveness when accelerating out of corners.

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The California T's gearbox is tweaked for faster shifts, and the exhaust gets some new piping that makes the engine note sound sportier - and louder - than the standard car. 

There are a few subtle exterior changes if you go for the HS package, with a new colour for the grille and rear diffuser called Grigio Ferro Met. The tailpipes get a neat matt black finish too, and there's a plaque in the cabin to prove to the world that your California T is definitely fitted with the HS upgrades.

We'll see the Ferrari California T HS make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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