We drive our favourite Ford cars

13 Feb, 2013 11:13am

We take a trip down memory lane with a selection of classic Fords

What was your dream car as a kid? Chances are it was Italian, or maybe German, with 400+ bhp and rear-wheel drive? Or perhaps American muscle was more your thing?

For our man, Mat Watson, it appears the dream was much closer to home.

So we sent him down to Ford’s Heritage workshop in Essex to have a go in some of the cars that decked his walls as a kid. With such a tempting selection on offer, Mat only had time to try a small handful.

And with options ranging from the original Ford Capri, through to the iconic nineties Escort WRC car and Transit Supervan, Mat was simply spoiled for choice.

But which did he go for? Click the video to take a trip down memory lane and find out which took Mat’s fancy.

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I had a development Lotus based upon the Ford Cortina 1600E. The Mk2 Lotus was expensive in its day therefore mine was a way of introducing a cheaper Lotus but they and Ford never put it into production as they thought it would not sell. Sold the car to a teacher in Norfolk who ran it for years.

Thanks for a great video Matt - this must be the most excited I've ever seen you be in a road test :-)

The Fiesta XR2 MK2 was actually capable of 110mph and had 96bhp not 103mph and 94bhp as you mentioned in the clip! However, after seeing the XR2 I wish that I still had mine which had a retuned carb and uprated suspension, it was a true roller skate, great fun :o)

Did they find room for a 107E?

Why hasn't Ford produced a "new" Capri ??? ~ perhaps a journalist could ask the Ford (UK) CEO.

Would you want them to? My ex-wife had one 30 odd years ago. No good at all! Her and the car!!!!

I wish Mat had driven the Lotus Cortina. It would have been interesting to have his impressions of it. Obviously he liked the cars of his childhood time and the LC was produced before. Mat Watson must venerate Tiff Needell because he mimics his voice, moderates his volume and inflects his phrases much like the racer/journalist master.

Excellent video. Ford cars used to run the planet but they let the Japanese take over all the markets with simple things like Air Conditioning which they refused to install on lower model cars. They also killed off the loved brands. All you can get these days is some FWD car that has no soul. Can anyone tell me 1 single UK Ford that they would like to own? No more RWD Capris, no 4WD turbos, no small RWD which the after market world can go nuts over. Nothing Ford. A shame.