We drive our favourite Ford cars

13 Feb, 2013 11:13am

We take a trip down memory lane with a selection of classic Fords

What was your dream car as a kid? Chances are it was Italian, or maybe German, with 400+ bhp and rear-wheel drive? Or perhaps American muscle was more your thing?

For our man, Mat Watson, it appears the dream was much closer to home.

So we sent him down to Ford’s Heritage workshop in Essex to have a go in some of the cars that decked his walls as a kid. With such a tempting selection on offer, Mat only had time to try a small handful.

And with options ranging from the original Ford Capri, through to the iconic nineties Escort WRC car and Transit Supervan, Mat was simply spoiled for choice.

But which did he go for? Click the video to take a trip down memory lane and find out which took Mat’s fancy.