10 Detroit Motor Show cars we wish we had in the UK

13 Jan, 2014 10:11pm Luke Madden

From muscly SUVs to monster pick-ups, there are some uniquely American cars on show in Detroit that would look pretty good on UK roads

The great thing about going to US motor shows like the one held in Detroit every year is that we get to have a look around some of the models that never make it to the UK.

It’s a different world as manufacturers clamber to advertise their best-in-class 25mpg fuel economy and 13,500kg towing capability, while the V8 remains king and diesel engines are still struggling to gain a foothold.

Then there’s the sheer size of a lot of these cars. Some of the biggest pick-ups are so wide that they measure in at about a metre fatter than a VW Polo – imagine trying to squeeze that through the narrow lanes of a sleepy village in Hertfordshire. If you want an idea of how big American cars are then all you need to know is that the Audi Q7 is considered a mid-size vehicle.

Detroit Motor Show 2014 

Just as mad as the pick-ups and SUVs are the muscle cars, still out in force in Detroit with outlandish styling and huge engines. They’re terrible for fuel economy and most have relatively shoddy interiors but they’re just effortlessly cool. A Mercedes E63 AMG is undoubtedly the better car but that doesn’t stop a small part of us still pining for a Dodge Challenger SRT8.

So take a look at ten of the vehicles from the Detroit Motor Show that we wish we could get our hands on in the UK – even if in our heart of hearts we know they don’t make any sense for us at all.