Ford C-MAX facelift spotted

2 Jul, 2014 12:06pm Jordan Bishop

Ford is getting ready to re-launch its second-generation C-MAX, bringing it in line with the brand’s current design language

Our intrepid spies have caught the revised Ford C-MAX pottering about in Germany during testing, heavily disguised by front and rear camouflage.

The wave pattern does a good job of concealing the changes, but up front it’s just possible to make out the brand’s latest design language beneath the optically misleading wrap.

It’ll see the second-generation compact MPV re-launch with the same imitation Aston Martin grille that has already made its way onto the Fiesta and Focus, as well as adorning the next Mondeo (due in November). Located just below the newly reshaped bonnet, on the C-MAX it’ll appear slightly less prominent, thanks to the larger front end and the presence of a fairly sizeable lower intake.

There’s also a chunky new-look front bumper and fog lamp design, but the wide, wraparound headlights appear to have passed over more or less unchanged.

At the back, Ford appears to have worked on simplifying the boot lid styling, smoothing out some of the lines, particularly around the release catch. Moving further down, the bumper is bulkier than before.

Down the sides the overall shape and layout is the same as the current C-MAX, while the interior and engine line-up is likely to continue resembling that of the facelifted Focus on which it’s based. 

Ford isn’t giving much away about when we might see the updated five-seater, but an official debut is probably set for some point later this year, with more details set to be revealed at that time.