New Honda Civic Type R will arrive in 2015

New Honda Civic Type-R will arrive in 2015
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26 Jul, 2013 9:36am Luke Madden

Honda CEO confirms that the new Civic Type R is on track for a 2015 debut

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito has confirmed that a new Civic Type R will be unveiled in 2015, alongside a new fuel-cell electric vehicle. A compact SUV is also set to join the range in the near future.

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The new Civic Type R will be developed specifically for Europe and will incorporate developments learned from Honda’s experience in the World Touring Car Championship. Ito wants it to be the fastest front-wheel-drive car around the Nurburgring, which means it’ll have to beat the Megane 265 Trophy’s time of 8 min 7.9 seconds. Honda's UK MD Dave Hodgetts went on to tell Auto Express that the new Type R "will have at least 265bhp... the engineers' target is 300bhp though."

Hodgetts told us that the Civic Type R will begin testing at the Nurburgring in the autumn of 2013, with production set to begin in Swindon ready for an on-sale date some time in 2015. He explained that the handling and throttle response were being developed using lessons learned from Honda's WTCC entry. Hodgetts wouldn't draw on whether the production Type-R would get the same 1.6-litre turbo as the WTCC car but said: "it's possible, but then anything up to a 2.0-litre turbo is possible."

The new Civic Type R will be one of the first of a number of performance models that Honda is looking to produce as a backbone to its whole range. "We want a range that is genuinely perceived to be sporty, but with a range of practical models sitting underneath,” said Hodgetts.

One of these more practical cars is a compact SUV, expected to be a Nissan Juke rival based on the next-generation Jazz platform. Hodgetts and Ito both confirmed that a Civic-based SUV-MPV crossover with similar styling to the 2009 Skydeck concept was also under consideration.

As well as confirming a new hydrogen-powered vehicle will be on the roads during 2015 (possibly a successor to the FCX Clarity) Honda revealed it is working on hybrid systems with one, two or three electric motors. The technology will be used throughout Honda's future range, allowing for everything from a 100mpg-plus Jazz to a plug-in hybrid four-wheel-drive NSX supercar. These use the one and the three motor systems respectively, and we were told that the two-motor system is reserved for mid-sized vehicles.

All of the developments mentioned are part of Honda’s push to increase its market by 60 per cent worldwide from 23.9 million customers to 39 million by 2017. 

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Pity the Civic's take such a backward step in the looks department, without addressing issues like poor rear vision.

When i got my civic(older gen) i didnt stop moaning about the visibility.A year later doesnt make any difference to my driving and i dont even think about it. I would prefer if it wasnt there, but its not a deal breaker either.

I mostly agree. My '07 Type-R was superb, and the rear vision complaint was for those who have a problem driving in the first place I reckon. Good job you can't afford a Lambo!
As for not addressing that issue - they have done. If you think they haven't then you either haven't been listening, haven't driven the new car or just like to complain.
But I agree about the looks. The last model was the best looking of all. The new one is a bit of a backwards step.

I agree with you on the looks, i think the front is quite nice, but the back is just plain horrible. Shame we cant fit the new suspension (which is for me the best part of the new model) on the old model and live happy ever after:S,

Had my 07 1.8 ES Civic for 5 years, fabulous car, fast economical, practical and totally reliable.What poor rear vision? The bar across the back cut out all the following headlight glare and with the wide vision door mirrors it was a doddle to park. The only fault the design had was noisy suspension but apart from that the car gave 5 years of fun and enjoyable motoring.

I would love to but a Honda but their designs are so naff.

Honda's in the US have a cronic Auto trannie problems at 100,000 +- miles.

Front wheel drive cars suck, have never owned one and probably never will, it's either AWD or RWD for me;-)

Millions upon millions would whole-heartedly disagree with you of course.

I am not one of those millions. I love my 600 rwhp challenger to death and would never consider this crappy 4 cylinder car. American made muscle cars are where it's at.

Good for you. Again, however, millions would disagree. And you still going to feel that way when gas hits ten bucks a gallon? Because you know it will.

Hold a're actually proud to admit that you have a Chrysler product?

Then again, the true enthusiast drives a manual trans...

Like shifting, try a 1100cc Honda Blackbird. it will amaze and entertain you.

I totally disagree. I have a Porsche Boxster S as my daily driver, which is obviously rear wheel drive and mid-engined and whilst its great its no-way near as good as my track prepared 360bhp 1000Kg front wheel drive Seat Ibiza.

Sure the Ibiza isn't a typical front wheel drive car, but it does go to show that its possible for a front wheel drive car to be better than a rear wheel drive car (Depending on your criteria).

2015 why so long ?? do they extended lunch breaks in Swindon

Turbo :(

my sentiments...already by then golf 8 gti and R will be on the