Honda Civic Type-R to get 2.0 turbo engine

Honda Civic Type R
Credits: Poblete
12 Nov, 2012 2:55pm Mat Watson

The next Civic Type-R will be powered by a 300bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, Auto Express has learned

The next-generation Honda Civic Type-R will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that could produce as much as 300bhp, according to Yasuhisa Arai from Honda’s R&D centre.

Previous reports suggested it would use a development of Honda’s 1.6-litre motorsport engine, but Arai told Auto Express that a 2.0-litre capacity was necessary to ensure the Type R could be more powerful than the Renaultsport Megane 265.

Honda is using the Megane as the benchmark and has pledged that the new Civic Type R will beat the 265’s Nurburgring lap record for a front-wheel-drive car when it arrives in 2015.

Arai said: "We have an idea of the products our rivals are developing and regardless of what anyone else produces, our car will be the fastest front-wheel-drive model around the Nurburgring when it goes on sale. And we will do whatever we need to in order to make that happen."

What's more, Arai said that despite using turbo power he hoped the engine would still offer the top-end rush of the old naturally-aspirated VTEC Type-R engine. Honda is also investigating a trick suspension set-up that should help minimize torque steer and a range of other performance-boosting enhancements.

These include fitting a mechanical limited-slip differential and maybe even rear-wheel steering (although this would mean redesigning the standard Civic's torsion beam rear suspension setup). The firm has just showcased its new Precision All-Wheel steer at an event in Tochigi Japan, which we tested on a US-market Accord.

The system boosts cornering speeds and turns both rear wheels inwards slightly under hard braking to stop it weaving around.

The only issue is cost. Honda UK wants the new Civic Type-R to start from no more than £25,000 to make sure it is competitive on price. But is it really possible to achieve both this target and the lap record? Time will tell...

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Civics, especially a type r need to be an NA Vtec engine not turbo. Poor effort

wooow ! hee

its the emissions issue in Europe. that's why the turbo.

And the price reaches the stratospheric levels of the BHP. The main loser in the current hot-hatch arms race is the buyer who has to stump up a load more money than only a few years ago.

It will need 300BHP to be "Top Dog" in this sector, but at what cost at the pumps?.
Here in the UK it would be better reducing weight than Upping BHP.

It should be a Dohc Vtec turbo , people are turbocharging Vtec engines for some time now , why would Honda do it for God sake !!

Have to disagree with you on this Tom. Even the first Type-R using the B18C engine was awesome from factory and when you turbocharged and proper engine management, you are talking about Formula 1 type experience as the engine wants to rev to 11,000 rpm and very responsive. We had road versions making 550 HP on blended fuel, and on straight C16 Race fuel an eas 650 HP and 450 ft/lb torque on 30 psi. But it was the engines response and ability to rev like Normally Aspirated while delivering the torque of turbo that made it remarkable. We added front Brembo Brakes, and H&R Coilover with Bilstein shocks and the Type-R handled as if it were driving around corners on rails, and stopped on a dime. That was just us adding stuff, can you imagine how much better the factory can make this?

noth and a better car would be even better

I had the fn2 when it first came out, great car as standard. Had some great races, comparible to a tuned focus rs running 260bhp. My civic was always fast to 100mph and suffered as all hondas do with virtually no torque.
Best thing honda could have done was to turbo there cars and at least honda are looking to retain the "top end rush"
On two points; the new civic will be a very tunable & by the time honda releases the new type r all the competition would have gotten faster probs with newer faster models which means they likley will release the new type r with more than the claimed 300bhp or look to further reduce weight

Still pig ugly. I havnt liked a Civic since the EK9. Please, please bring back the Integra.