Luxurious new Jaguar XK planned

Credits: Milos Dvorak
22 Mar, 2014 7:00am Jack Rix

Jaguar is set to replace the XK with a larger luxury GT car based on the F-Type. Our exclusive images show how it could look.

The Jaguar XK will be quietly phased out in the summer, but Jaguar is already working on its more upmarket successor, set to be pitched as a larger 2+2 grand tourer to take on the Bentley Continental GT and new Mercedes S-Class Coupe.

Our exclusive images show how the model could take design cues from the F-Type and increase its dimensions, becoming more of an XJ Coupe than an oversized F-Type. 

A larger grille, chrome-ringed lower air intakes and horizontal instead of vertical headlights set it apart from its sportier brother, although the muscular rear wheelarches, flowing lines and wraparound tail-lamps tie the two cars together.

Although Jaguar sold around 54,000 XKs over its lifetime, only 4,000 found homes last year – largely because the faster F-Type has been taking sales from it. The new car will start from £100,000 to put daylight between it and the F-Type.

There’s likely to be a choice of supercharged V6 and V8 petrol engines, plus, for the first time, a six-cylinder diesel, while the platform is believed to be a stretched version of the F-Type’s aluminium architecture. Don’t expect to see the new GT for several years, though, as Jag enters one of the busiest periods in its history. 

With the F-Type Coupe and Convertible now on sale, its next new car will be the XE small saloon – due in mid-2015 with an all-new iQ[Al] aluminium architecture. Then, in early 2016, comes an SUV (below) using the same structure and previewed by the C-X17 concept.

Coupe and estate versions of the XE are expected in 2016, with an all-new iQ[Al]-based XF following towards the end of that year. This means we’ll have to wait until 2017 at least before we see a new XJ and the car shown here.

Read more about the new baby Jaguar, the XE saloon

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POS! Get a Jaaaaaaaaag!!!

oh wait, I didn't realise this was for a Jag. Will I still get paid for this comment Mr Hallmark?

Well it still look like Jaguar is not planning a V12 at all or never.

I see our care in the community racist is back.

Faked photos and speculative text. No story here.

I think someones been pasting Audi A5 / BMW 4 Series bits on to an XJ.

In a recent Jaguar World, the bloke who was deputy in charge of North American advertising during the mid 70's was told that the XJ Coupe wouldn't sell by his boss. He said what are talking about it's gorgeous people will buy it. His boss said, when you offer 4 doors from the start, why would you want anything else.

It's a shame, with the XK, being retired, Jaguar really needs a gentlemans GT Coupe.

Maybe they should bring Daimler back and go head to head with Bentley and Rolls-Royce in that market, but using Jaguar underpinnings. It works well for Bentley with the Flying Spur and the VW Phaeton.

JAG 2-3
next year will be a downward trend

It looks like the mongrel child of a BMW and Audi car crash, it really isnt nice, Autoexpress if thats the best mock up you can come up with, just dont bother in future, its horrible and offensive.

I really don't see any BMW and Audi in this at all........ I think it looks fabulous actually. If the final car looks anything like this then sign me up for a second-hand one in 10 years time when it's done depreciating....

This looks fantastic! PLEASE don't scrap the plan.

Think it looks rather good actually, and would happily have one in the drive.

It's not a real Jaguar image. It's a guessed photoshop mockup by AutoExpress (which the article owns up to) and completely worthless and pointless. You might as well imagine your own car.

Wait for something real from Jaguar, who probably haven't made any decisions on styling yet.

I don't like the guesswork mockup at all, there's a reason that the Photoshop artist is mocking up fake photos and not working as a car designer.

Sure, it's a concept visual, but interesting nevertheless as an example of the way Jaguar might go.

Who knows, images like this may affect Jag's product intentions.

Quote - 'Jaguar is already working on its more upmarket successor, set to be pitched as a larger 2+2 grand tourer to take on the Bentley Continental GT and new Mercedes S-Class Coupe.'

I think Jaguar should make the XK replacement a proper 4-seater sports GT along the lines of the Bentley and Merc, and the Maserati. All seat 4 in relative comfort. Forget a 2+2 layout, nobody can ever sit in the back, and it has the F-Type now as a full-on sports car.

PS: that aside, I see that Jaguar has thrashed the big German auto makers once again this year on the back of record sales:
* 1st in the Best Manufacturer section of the What Car's JD Power Survey for 2013 - for the second year running!
* 3rd (behind Skoda and Lexus) in the AutoExpress Driver Power Survey's Best Manufacturer category - for the fourth year running!

Keep it up Jaguar. Great company making truly fast, luxurious and extremely desirable cars.

The current facelifted XK was a real looker and if the new GT XK is benchmarked against it then the new one will have to look even more beautiful. just hope it don't back fire and shoot jag in the foot.

Nice. Maserati looking front end.

A diesel? :-/

The pictures of raunchy maidens 12 year old lads, erm, well, ahhhh, can't be too explicit... Well in the minds of the boys they are also pictures of how a real one might "go", but they are woefully wide of the mark when the real problems of aghh, well, er, ahaa...

Never pay any attention to the imaginary cars dreamed up by others.

Look at the reality of modern Jaguars, look at the almost total lack of compromise in the XJ and the F-Type, and enjoy your own dream of what even the immediate future might hold. These are halcyon days for Jaguar fans; at last we can once more dream dreams that are not impossible, just a tad predicated by the need for some man-maths to prove to ourselves that an F-Type, and a second hand Sierra, for when we need more than two seats, would make perfect economic sense.

BTW: "Man-maths" is not a sexist expression. Two of our four daughters have so harangued their partners about buying F-Types before they start their families that the poor guys have been coming to me for assistance. Bit like asking a crocodile to save them from an alligator...

DJT1998!! Don't be sucked in, this is only how it COULD look. Only Ian Callum and his team know how it WILL look. Auto Express do this quite a lot - it's incredibly misleading!

Yes and it's going to be named Jaguar MUSTANG !