New Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations division announced

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12 Jun, 2014 4:10pm Steve Fowler

First Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations models to be unveiled at Goodwood, new technical centre to open in 2015

Jaguar Land Rover has announced a new Special Operations division that will focus not only on high performance versions of existing models, but also bespoke commissions, heritage models and a new range of branded products. It replaces the old Engineered To Order team that produced vehicles like the Range Rover Autobiography and Jaguar XFR-S.

The new division is run by John Edwards, former brand director of Land Rover, and will have four sub divisions, concentrating on special vehicles, personalisation, heritage and branded goods.

Most pertinent of the lot will be Special Vehicle Operations, headed by former Chief Technical Officer of Williams Advanced Engineering Paul Newsome, who worked with Jaguar on the C-X75.

The SVO badge will appear on extreme versions of Jaguar and Land Rover models, with a super-fast version of the Range Rover Sport likely to be among the first models launched. Eventually, developments of all-terrain models will be offered, with Edwards hinting that the Defender replacement would be ideal for the SVO treatment.

Speaking to Auto Express, John Edwards said: “We’re focused on enhancing and personalizing our relationship with our most discerning and enthusiastic customers, delivering experiences our customers will love for life.”

Also within Special Operations’ brief will be cars like the lightweight E-Type, the recently announced project to produce six racing E-Types using original plans, methods and with VIN numbers that follow on from the original cars. The first model is already underway and all six already have buyers lined up with Edwards telling us, “we’re selling the cars to people who’ll race them”.

Special Operations will also be offering servicing and restoration to owners of heritage Jaguars and Land Rovers, with a workshop already being used at Jaguar’s spiritual home at Browns Lane in Coventry.

In 2015 Special Operations will move into its own technical centre where around 500 will work on design, engineering and manufacturer of the models. It will have its own state of the art paint shop to enable Jaguar Land Rover to offer a wider range of car colours. It will also have a customer commissioning suite, where buyers can work with the Special Operations team on bespoke models and personalisation.

Also coming under the Special Operations division will be a growing range of luxury goods, and licensed products such as the range of Land Rover Barbour products recently announced. Lindsay Weaver, who headed Bentley’s push into the luxury goods market, will be heading up that team with Edwards saying, “We aim to trump what Bentley has done.”

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Here's a concept that has had many changes in direction over the years. I hope they realise they can't do things in the same way as volume manufacture - it needs different suppliers and processes.

Funded by LR UKs cheapskate tactics by refusing to offer proper paper brochures on their website no doubt. Go to a dealer they say. So you do. Dealer says sorry, can't give you one, too costly! Sorry LR, you've lost a customer. its only you, nissan and mitsubishi that wont re-instate option to order paper brochures on website, but their customer services will at least send them out, unlike yours.#cheapskate#boycottLandRoverUK#pennypinchers

How can they afford all this?
Perhaps it's because they charge to much for their prestige model ranges that still are not fault free, but people will buy for that prestige badge.

What total junk you talk on these feeds, of course you can have paper brochures from Land Rover UK. I've had 2 sent over the last week. You must be a very, very sad lonely old git to waste your time writing the same old boring cr@p.........

I wonder if they'll give the Evoque the engine it deserves in the form of the 6 cylinder lump from the F-Type?

Awwwwww, make a special account, just to troll me did you? Awww, i feel priveledged. What dealer do you work for!

No I don't work for a dealer, I'm just sick and tired of every time I want to read a article about Land Rover on Auto Express your stupid and pathetic comments at the end always pop up. I read these articles because of interest, not read about how sad and lonely your life is! Your clearly capable to use a computer so maybe down load the brochure, save some trees and stop fu(king crying!

He was never a potential LR customer anyway. Basically a deluded nerd.

Obviously a slow news week - LR have had Special Vehicle Ops for as long as I can remember, I know I worked in it 25 years ago! They renamed it ETO a few years back, realised SVO was a better name after all and just changed it back to what it was!

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