What is the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division?

18 Mar, 2015 2:30pm Steve Sutcliffe

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations aims to replicate success of Mercedes AMG

Jaguar Land Rover wants to achieve many things with its new SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) brand of cars, but the main goal is to emulate, if not surpass, what AMG has managed for Mercedes. Which is some kind of target to be aiming at, you’ll agree.

Eventually there will be three different SV ranges of Jaguar and Land Rover cars, each with a different letter following the SV moniker to indicate whether it is a sporting car, an all-terrain car or an out and out luxury car.

Jaguar Land Rover: SVR for performance, SVX for off-road

The SVR models will be the sporting ones, with the R standing for race. To qualify for an SVR badge, a new Jaguar or Land Rover will need to be lighter, more aerodynamically efficient and more powerful than any other model in its range. It will also always need to be four wheel-drive.

The all-terrain models will be badged SVX, and these will also all be four wheel-drive, more luxuriant inside and more capable off road than any other models in their respective ranges.

And finally there will be a third SV badge, worn by JLR’s out and out luxury cars, the third letter of which has yet to be revealed.

JLR SV luxury badge to come

SVL, where the L stands for luxury, would seem to be the obvious choice. But this could be confused with a long wheelbase version so won’t be chosen, claims a source. SVC (comfort) sounds a bit too shopping channel to fit the bill in this instance, while SVP (where the P stands for premium or premier) feels more like something that requires an on-paper reply rather than a £100k+ price tag and all the bells and whistles inside.

The jury is still out, in other words, as to what JLR’s top end luxury cars will be badged. All will be revealed at the end of this month at the New York Motor Show, however, and at that point Jaguar Land Rover’s high end line up will make full and perfect sense, hopes JLR.

And in the meantime, we also understand that the RS badge will not be retained by any Jaguar. That will mean Jaguars will either be known in their base forms (ie simply Jaguar XF) or as R models or, ultimately, as SVRs. Confused? You soon won’t be…

Do you think Jaguar and Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division can rival Mercedes-AMG? Let us know in the comments section below...

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Here's a concept that has had many changes in direction over the years. I hope they realise they can't do things in the same way as volume manufacture - it needs different suppliers and processes.

Funded by LR UKs cheapskate tactics by refusing to offer proper paper brochures on their website no doubt. Go to a dealer they say. So you do. Dealer says sorry, can't give you one, too costly! Sorry LR, you've lost a customer. its only you, nissan and mitsubishi that wont re-instate option to order paper brochures on website, but their customer services will at least send them out, unlike yours.#cheapskate#boycottLandRoverUK#pennypinchers

How can they afford all this?
Perhaps it's because they charge to much for their prestige model ranges that still are not fault free, but people will buy for that prestige badge.

What total junk you talk on these feeds, of course you can have paper brochures from Land Rover UK. I've had 2 sent over the last week. You must be a very, very sad lonely old git to waste your time writing the same old boring cr@p.........

I wonder if they'll give the Evoque the engine it deserves in the form of the 6 cylinder lump from the F-Type?

Awwwwww, make a special account, just to troll me did you? Awww, i feel priveledged. What dealer do you work for!

No I don't work for a dealer, I'm just sick and tired of every time I want to read a article about Land Rover on Auto Express your stupid and pathetic comments at the end always pop up. I read these articles because of interest, not read about how sad and lonely your life is! Your clearly capable to use a computer so maybe down load the brochure, save some trees and stop fu(king crying!

He was never a potential LR customer anyway. Basically a deluded nerd.

Obviously a slow news week - LR have had Special Vehicle Ops for as long as I can remember, I know I worked in it 25 years ago! They renamed it ETO a few years back, realised SVO was a better name after all and just changed it back to what it was!