2014 Jeep Cherokee

25 Feb, 2013 4:02pm Tom Phillips

First pictures of the all-new Jeep Cherokee, which will debut at the New York Motor Show in March

These are the first pictures of the all-new Jeep Cherokee. The new model will replace the Cherokee in Europe and the Jeep Liberty in the US, which means the Cherokee name returns to the North American market for the first time since 2001.

The new Jeep Cherokee will be unveiled at the New York Motor Show in late March and is set to go on sale in the US in May. It will arrive in the UK in June to take on the Ford Kuga, Mazda CX-5 and Honda CR-V.

The new SUV is a controversial design, blending traditional Jeep styling cues such as boxy wheelarches and a seven-bar grille with curvier Nissan Juke-style lights as the manufacturer bids to widen the car’s appeal.

The new model will be built in Toledo, Ohio, and represents a change in direction for the Jeep brand in terms of hardware, too.

Instead of a rugged, simple body-on-frame construction like the evergreen Wrangler and current Cherokee, the new model will be based on an enlarged and uprated version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s platform that underpins the Dodge Dart in the US.

It's likely to use the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines from the Dart, with the 1.75-litre turbo petrol and 2.0 JDTM diesel being obvious fits from the Alfa line-up.

In the US, the Cherokee will come with a V6 petrol engine and nine-speed auto gearbox. This box is likely to be offered in the UK, too, along with a six-speed manual. The Cherokee will also be available with a choice of two and four-wheel drive, in line with the smaller Compass.

However, despite being built on a new platform, the Cherokee will still have impressive off-road ability, thanks to its high ground clearance and underbody protection.

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What a monstrosity. Take a look at the photos. Where do your eyes settle? They don't; they jump around all over the place. Not slide over graceful or purposeful lines, but jump, like the worst dancer ever. Ugly just doesn't sum this thing up adequately.

What a mess !

Sweet jesus! It looks like they've raided Citroen's, Kia's and the Pontiac Aztek's spare parts bin

What a dog's breakfast! Who designed this heap, a chimp' with a crayon? That is no Jeep.....

Just to let you know, Jeep Cherokees haven't been body-on-frame since 1984! This is far from the first to use a uniframe/body.

A serously ugly AMerican vehicle.
When will American Auto companys use European designers and then leave it alone.

Lovely set of chrome teeth, a bit like Jaws in Moonraker...

Jesus, this and the new Citroen C3 Picasso have this awful look, how can a company that produces beautiful Ferrari cars produce this piece of poo, Jeep you have really produced the most ugly car of the year/

The shame is that it probably drives well and is well equiped and nice inside, yet would you really want to be seen in this.

I'm a bit out on my own here, but i actually quite like it, would definitely consider one if i were in the market for a 4x4!

God that is one UGLY car. What ever were the top folk at Chrysler / FIAT were on when the signed that grill off.

Ummm...no. This is not Fiat money well spent.

Flippin Eck what a Bug ugly Jeep oh dear oh dear move over the Rodius this has taken your crown as ugliest car YUK

is there some silent agreement in the auto industry to make ugly cars and see just how far the public will accept them? for crying out aloud stop producing crying cars! Ford's have gaping-fish faces and now Jeeps are crying all over the place! I think only Kia and Mercedes have it spot on right now. BMW has reduced the ugliness but have not yet made them awesome like they used to. As for Nissan OMG!

Hope it's a joke ! If not, is time to buy a Wrangler till the next generation official presentation.

how on earth could the producers of the beautiful grand cherokee make this? hope it looks better in the metal.
and why no pics of the rear...probably even worse!

There is definitely a competition on at the moment to see who can make the ugliest vehicle in the world.... I thought that BMW were favourites to win it with that horror.. the hideous 1 series, but this Cherokee looks like it's even worse. Let's hope the two of them are never parked side by side!

wierd this......it's growing on me, it's different and it won't be a crossover thank goodness for Jeep after all!

You dislike the 1 series. We get it. YAWWWN.

and you dislike the Golf..... We definitely get that... over , and over... and over again... and again.. and again..... in comment after comment, after comment...... YAWNnnnnnnnn... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Nope! I think the golf is great, just overhyped for what it is, and dull.

We are both like broken records your quite right, but at least i can refrain from mentioning the golf in EVERY post i make!

Well that's because those posts are in articles that are relevant to the Golf!! I'm bored again, so once again I'm sure you'll have the last word. Until the next time..... yawn.

I put my reply above by mistake.. so see above.

How exactly is the 2014 Jeep Cherokee related to the golf?

I'll let you have the last word this time... i promise ;)

well if you insist... look, some of your comments are becoming moronic! Please, for goodness sake. I wasn't making a comment about the Golf, I was making a comment about how ugly the Cherokee is, and to put it in perspective, related it to another ugly car. Absolutely nothing to do with the Golf. Please give it a rest mate.

I could live with the looks if they drop some clean strong engines in this beast. If nothing else it would help me stand out from the crowd.

can't believe i'm saying this but it's growing on me!

I have to say I agree with you Toby 2499.
This is already available in Spain where I had a look over it. Went in to look at a Compass and saw this parked on the way in.
It looks good in the metal. 32,00 euros though. Looking forward to drive a r/h diesel over here, seriously considering it as an option. Give it a chance I say.......