Kia GT4 Stinger to rival Toyota GT-86 and Mazda MX-5 at under £30,000

Kia GT4 Stinger action
14 Jan, 2014 8:17am Steve Fowler

New rear-wheel drive coupe concept to be ‘attainable’ and aimed at enthusiast market

The Kia GT4 Stinger concept, unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show, could be on sale by 2016 and be priced under £30,000.

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The GT4 Stinger’s designer, Tom Kearns, told Auto Express: “It’s a total concept, but when we do these cars we have in the back of our minds that if we decide to make it, we don’t have to change it too much.”

According to Kearns, the two areas that are most likely to change are the radical LED light stack and the innovative see through A-pillars.

“The gaps in the A-pillars aren’t symmetrical so it works well from the driver and passenger seat,” he said. “Pillars are getting bigger and bigger by requirement – it’s a big problem, so we looked for a solution.”

When questioned about a potential price for the GT4 Stinger, Kearns said: “We’re looking at the Scion [Toyota GT-86] and [Subaru BRZ], and even the Mazda MX-5 – true enthusiast, affordable cars. Pricing has to be fitting for a Kia – it’s a value brand”

The GT4 Stinger concept sits on a rear-wheel drive platform and features a 311bhp turbocharged version of Kia’s 2.0-litre petrol engine. If it makes production, it’s likely to use a platform from within the Hyundai/Kia group, possibly from the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Kearns also said that he hoped the shape wouldn’t change too much: “I’d love it to be like this,” he said. “It looks sporty and muscular without looking like an angry transformer. We have a new version of our signature grille – a face with a simplicity of design”

And, according to Kearns, other versions could be on the cards: “I’d be okay with a convertible version. What do you think?”

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Going by the Kias we've seen so far, it may not handle sublimely like a GT-86 or the MX-5, but it looks way better than both, and most other cars on sale today.

The designer has been watching too many 70's TV shows, it's awful, dated.

Sorry Fadylady, I disagree with you regarding the GT-86 it looks much nicer that this, I do agree with you on the MX-5 though, that's just as hideous as this, if not even worse.

Anyway who'd be mad enough to pay anywhere near £30k for this? Only a complete loon.

UM, The MX-5 is a RWD CONVERTIBLE, None of the so called competition is, and just for the record, this market is very restrictive 'sales wise' they are NOT large volume sellers, Mazda could have told you this, after year 2-3 volumes (numbers) drop off dramatically.....

It will be interesting to see how well this sells, particularly in the UK. I can't remember when I last saw a Hyundai Veloster and I have yet to see a Proceed GT. The Koreans don't seem to do well with sporty cars. True, Hyundai sold a few Coupes but under the skin it was hardly a sports car or a sporty car come to that. The MX5 is a different type of product so I can't really see how it would be a rival? It also happens to be iconic and very well established, and I expect the forthcoming Mk4 will build further on this. As for a GT86 rival, I can't see that either. The GT86 is one of the best handling cars on the market and has a highly engineered boxer powerplant. Looks are a matter of opinion, but remember the car above is a concept - the road version will inevitably be toned down.

What's hideous about an MX5?! As sports cars go it has a very clean simple design (bit like the GT86) which is probably why it has barely changed in 25 years!

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It happens in Germany and one nevers see foreign police cars being used there!

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Any comments?

I think it could do well in UK & also depending on price thats important factor, seen few Velosters around & saw a Pro Cee'd GT for 1st time last weekend, in black, remember the Huundai Coupe? that sold very well in UK, as i remember UK was its biggest market in europe, just look at how often you see the Renault Laguna coupe or the peugeot 406/407 coupe ! i rest my case! may not be GT86 rival but should still be a good addition to KIA line up, they need somehting like this not just same usual hatches / suv's that many many jap/euro manufacturers got !