Kia Soul owner’s YouTube protest

3 Sep, 2012 1:24pm Jon Morgan

Frustrated Kia Soul owner takes to YouTube to tell Kia that “you can do better”

Trying to get a big company to listen to your complaint can feel like banging your head against a brick wall.

But Kia Soul driver, Dr Michael Baker, has found a novel way of trying to get Kia’s attention – making a YouTube video in which he details the nightmare ownership experience he’s had with his two-and-a-half-year-old Soul.

Taking inspiration from Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues video – in which the folk music legend holds up and discards a series of cue cards inscribed with various messages – Mike’s clip sees him in front of his Soul with a list of the faults and issues he’s experienced.

He explains how the Soul supermini crossover developed a jarring vibration almost from day one. The two Kia garages that have been dealing with the problems have variously tried replacing the turbo, engine mounts, clutch, flywheel and gearbox – and although the latter seemed to cure the problem, it soon returned.

The Soul’s steering has also broken three times – requiring three rack replacements!

“In total I’ve been to the garage some twenty times,” Michael explains in the video. Deciding he’d had enough, he said to Kia he wanted shot of the troublesome Soul. But trading it in for a new model would cost £7,600 – and Kia is only prepared to offer a paltry £500 towards this, despite the catalogue of errors Michael has endured.

He finishes the video by saying: “My message to Kia is: you can do better for your customers.”

Auto Express got an exclusive interview with Michael and will be taking up his case with Kia – you can see how we get on in a future issue of Auto Express. In the mean time, what do you make of Michael’s situation? And what would you consider a fair offer from Kia to be?

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Moral of the story - don't buy a Kia, you only have to look at KIA UK's facebook page to see the list of disgruntled complaining customers and Kia using legal jargon to weedle their way out of the worthless 7 year warranty. Buy a Skoda Roomster or Yeti instead, they're worth the extra, and have excellent Customer Service and are more reliable.

i second that...dont fall for kia's pr...and as for the carens problems...should of issued a recall,but all hidden under the warranty

Another reason to buy via a PCP agreement as the PCP company will back up your valid claim for a faulty vehicle. One is wise with hindsight but it can help with settling this type of claim.

Surely KIA have another Soul with a similar age and a few less miles, that they can arrange a painless free swap for this customer? Its a shame, it can be a great car-my wife has done 50,000 miles in under 2 years at 50+mpg in her diesel Soul with no problems.

Skoda? Are you crazy? Those are the ugliest cars in the world - especially Roomster. What about the 1.4 TSI engine failures - 20k miles and the engine is dead.

I had a Soul and had 36,000 trouble free miles. Not a single niggle.

This should be seen by kia as an opportunity for great pr and give him a new car. Simple.

Roomster - pig ugly (only my view. of course). But why no centre head restraint on back seat? Head restraint is essential safety feature to help prevent whiplash injuries - inc broken neck, paralysis etc. Four seats have them, but not 5th - skoda's response '' it's not a legal requirement'' this response sucks. My daughter's '03 Clio has centre head restraint, for goodness sake! It's no excuse for skoda to say it'll only be used occassionally... poor show skoda.

I never understand companies that spend millions attempting to get you to buy a car and when you do, and you get a dud, refuse to replace it.

What does a new Soul actually cost Kia to make? £6,000? £8,000? Not much in comparison to the damage he has done to their brand.

That small amount would have had Dr Baker telling everyone how great Kia is and how well it looks after its customers.

It looks as though they have a long way to go.

And still no-one has mentioned the Sale Of Goods Act!
All well and good AE taking up his case and him using YT to release his frustration, but his contract is not with Kia, but instead the supplying dealer.
@Dr Baker - spend some time cluing yourself up on SoGA, and employ a solicitor if needs be to formally reject the car.
You can't expect a full refund, an amount would be deducted for fair usage, but at least you'll be shot of it.

Skoda are not ugly cars, neither does the TSi engine die at 20k miles. I think for ugly cars, see Fiats current line up - especially Qubo, Doblo (what sort of name is that!) and the Siena/Linea models. Yuck. Pass the sick bucket! Even worse than the Mito's front end, and that's saying something!

Errrm, I think you'll find the Roomster does have a centre headrest on the back seat. Always has since launch in 2006. Please pass on my condolences to your daughter, a 9 year old Clio - oh the shame! Surprised it's still running.

Kia Are rubbish Full Stop. That 7 Year warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on. You pays what you gets in the end. The ONLY reason people buy them is for that reason.

Well, I guess that's one brand we won't be buying any time soon. A Company that does not believe in customer satisfaction and won't stand behind their products does not deserve to have any future customers.

Exactly - the warranty doesn't even cover most items after the first year, and the complaints on their fb page is not exactly confidence inspiring. They should concentrate more on quality than overstyling their cars.

What does he expect? He has bought cheap Korean car. Have have bought Ford, VW , Jaguar Land Rover etc for the last 25 years and cant remember a single problem! You get what you pay for.

I wouldn't touch Fords, LR or Jag - all rubbish and far worse than the Koreans. The VW is ok tho, I had a couple of Golfs and upgraded to a Skoda Superb Elegance Estate - best £28,000 I ever spent. 2 years and 45,000 trouble-free miles so far :-).

Theres a woman on here with a Hyundai who's clutch went after only 3500 miles and sister compant to Kia won't pay. Disgusting. These crappy Koreans still have a way to go when it comes to customer service, quality and reliability. Bet he feels a right Ki'arsehole' for buying the horrid looking thing in the first place now!

You guys have a car named a Skoda? It'd instantly be called a Scrota in the US.