Land Rover Discovery family set to grow

Replacement for Freelander is being rebranded as a baby Discovery
Credits: Milos Dvorak
8 Oct, 2013 7:03pm Jack Rix

Current Land Rover Freelander will be replaced by a new model rebranded as Discovery

Land Rover is planning a major shake-up of its range structure – and it’ll start with the replacement for the Freelander, codenamed L550.

As our exclusive image shows, it will be rebranded as a baby Discovery, and will sit below the full-size model in the line-up when it arrives in 2015.

Official details on the new Discovery range will begin to emerge in the first half of 2014 (possibly at the Geneva Motor Show in March), to coincide with the Discovery's 25th anniversary. The full production version will then star at September’s Paris show.

The radical rethink is part of Land Rover’s long-term strategy to divide its products into three distinct ‘pillars’. The ‘luxury’ pillar already contains the three Range Rover models; it will be rounded off by a luxurious £120,000-plus Range Rover Ultimate at next month’s Dubai Motor Show, plus a long-wheelbase Range Rover that’ll debut at the LA show, also next month.

The ‘dual purpose’ pillar will contain the new Defender family. This leaves the Discovery and its new baby brother to fill the ‘leisure’ pillar – hence the Discovery lettering on the nose, which takes cues from the recently revealed 2014 model.

Elsewhere, the new baby Disco distances itself from the more stylised Range Rover Evoque with rugged, slab-sided proportions, roof rails and chunky underbody protection. The front end features a more three-dimensional grille and narrower headlamps with daytime running lights.

The model shown here is a five-seater, like the current Freelander, but a stretched-wheelbase 5+2 version will also be offered for the first time. Yet while the bodywork, interior, engines and badge will be new, the underpinnings will be carried over from the current Freelander.

For the full story and more exclusive pictures, see the latest issue of Auto Express on sale now.

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Rebrand it all you like - you are still more likely to have mechanical and engineering failures on this more than anything else in the world.

Truly awful machines. Serves the buyers right if they're too stupid to buy something better!

I quite like that actually. The Evoque is really lovely but too impractical for me. This looks good and should offer the space and practicality the Evoque lacks.

Out of date comments as always. Look at any new reliability survey and the JLR brand is above most the Germans.

The Freelander itself did well in a recent MSN MOT survey and JLR where above all the Germans overall bar Audi.

Would be interesting if you ever had any adult based points rather then sprouting rubbish like a toddler.

As per usual you are wrong, it is a shame that you don't take the time to check out your replies before you make yourself look stupid, YET AGAIN

So they are going to build a brand new vehicle on the current Ford EUCD platform which is already 7 years old, why have they not designed it on the same aluminium platform as the new small Jaguar to save costs.

To dukebox & jon mower:

Is JLR in the top ten for reliability? Has it ever in the last 5/10/15/20 years?


Is it in the top ten for highest failures - YES.

Read up before letting your fingers walk the keyboard......

Flawed strategy. Two distinct brands but
RR - should be lux versions of Freelander, Evoque, Discovery and RR
LR - should be better (than at present) utilitarian versions with Defender etc
Platform sharing and engines could be used to save costs.

Yes but this is a new product and the newest products are the ones getting the reliability scores so what has the product from 10-20 years got to do with it? Maybe cars from 5-10 years should perform better but there's plenty of manufacturers that perform dreadfully outside their warranty windows.

Yes they have a shady past, so have Merc! But people seem to have forgotten that and that is with JLR beating them on most of the newest surveys.

I noticed that you always comment on French cars being deathtraps when for at least a decade they have out performed and lead nearly all the newest safety tests.

I think you're stuck in the 80s/early 90s.

I am fully read up on the matter and I believe you just have a habit of listening to 'the man' down the pub and take it as gospel.

You really do like your soap box.

Just as an extra point. I agree I wouldn't buy a Disco 3 as they fall apart, are thirsty and slow but I also wouldn't get a Audi Q7 as they are shockingly unreliable and have expensive failures.

Would I buy a 2012/13/14 Disco 4, yes I would. There's a reason why they win multiple tests and are doing much better at customer satisfactory tests now.

A platform normally lasts two complete model cycles, 12 years, without becoming outdated - in any case JLR are evolving from the EUCD to one of their own - primarily to avoid royalty payments no doubt but to keep it fresh as well.
Aluminium platforms aren't cheap - it can be justified on Jaguars, Range Rovers and expensive Discoveries but not in the market segment that Freelander has to compete in

I'll agree with the Disco3 bit. I really liked my XS TDV6 (possibly the quietest vehicle I've owned), but the leather wasn't up to the job (kept ripping) and anything that needed fixing (lots) cost the earth. In the end it was the cost of running the thing that was the last straw. You have to draw a line in the sand somewhere...

Maybe because It will need more off-road hardware than the Jag?

There is already a baby discovery - its called a freelander.

What we need from landrover is a big SALOON, something of a similar shape and size as the Chrysler 300C, but with a land rover badge. It should have 4-Wheel drive, diesel/hydrogen engine, adjustable height, big massive boot and built inside like a range rover.
We don't need anymore pathetic small 4x4s on the road.

Will it have dual range

How about looking at the Driver Power 2013 results then. The Disco Mk4 70th, Evoque 78th and RR Mk3 last. I think you need to get your facts right before slagging off HJS in the future. The betting is this will also be shocking in a couple of years.

I'm surprised they aren't using other Royal Navy Survey Ship names like, Endeavour, Endurance etc.

Autoexpress driver power Freelander (which this is the replacement for) 73rd. (BMW X3 104th) Disco Mk4 8th (X5 91st) Evoque 52nd (Tiguan 57th)

I'm pretty sure those results better their 'reliable' counterparts.

And don't forget its now 'JLR' and they are sharing more parts than ever and Jaguar well, have a look for yourself.

My facts are right thank you.

Land Rover don't do saloons, that's jaguars job.