New Freelander spied

13 Dec, 2012 5:10pm Jack Rix

The next Land Rover Freelander has been spotted, disguised as a stretched version of the Evoque

Appearances can be deceptive, as these spy pictures prove. At first glance they appear to show a long-wheelbase Range Rover Evoque - a car that could quite feasibly slot into the gap between the Evoque and the new Range Rover Sport - but what you’re actually looking at is a mule for the next Freelander, due in 2015.

The first giveaway is the strange lump near where the fuel filler cap should be - a telltale sign that the car underneath doesn’t quite fit the body on top.

The second is the front end, where the shape and size of the grille and two lower air intakes don’t match up with the Evoque’s nose.

Both the Freelander and the Evoque use the same scalable steel platform, hence why this stretched version of the Evoque is perfect to disguise a Freelander prototype.

Land Rover is about to enter a phase of unprecedented expansion to cash in on the booming SUV market worldwide. So, for the next Freelander rather than just one model there will be three - a spacious five-seater (pictured here), an even longer wheelbase seven-seater and a baby Freelander, which will be the same size as the Evoque.

But it’s not just the Freelander range that’s set to grow, as Land Rover wants to introduce around 16 separate models over the next eight years. This includes three Range Rover models, three Evoques, two Discoverys and as many as five versions of the new Defender, which is due in 2015.

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As far as I can judge in view of its camoflage it looks well balanced and street impressive!

Will be great on the Sloan Street, Kö in Dusseldorf, Champs in Paris or Promenade des Anglais in Nice!

There it will certainly impress and be a certain cut above the other run of the mill cars the not so lucky drive!

Certainly a one up on the Cayennes and Mercedes SUVs which are nothing special to either look at or long term drive!

Well done guys at Rover Jaguar! You are doing a great job

I think the disguise means that it will not look like this, i.e. a longer Evoque, so not sure it's possible to tell whether it's a balanced design yet...
I hope it doesnt look like this, otherwise it might just as well be a LWB Evoque. Besides it's a Land Rover and therefore it needs to look like one, not a trinket Range Rover at twice the price.

Surely the model shown above is not a new Freelander but the Range Rover Evoque XL? Freelander badged as Land Rover looking near identical to Evoque badged as Range Rover. Come on AE - that doesn't make sense!

A roomy Evoque?
The Range Rover Evoque influence is obvious. That's not a bad thing to be honest. Minus the slanted roof-line and Ms Becham influenced interior its not bad looking for a genuine off-roader.

I saw this yesterday near Nottingham on the M1 it is very low and long for a freelancer so maybe an évoque xl is possibly hidden here