Landrover Freelander 3 price and release date

15 Aug, 2013 10:30am Tom Phillips

The Land Rover Freelander 3 is due in 2015, and our exclusive images show how it could look

The new Land Rover Freelander 3 is coming in early 2015, but we can show you now what it could look like.

The new Freelander has some big boots to fill. Not only does it have to mirror the success of the current car – sales of which grew by 36 per cent at the start of 2013 compared with the start of 2012 – it also has to shine next to the company’s smash hit Range Rover Evoque.

Our exclusive image reveals how Land Rover will modernise the Freelander by taking cues from the top seller, while giving it rugged and practical appeal, too.

Setting the newcomer apart from the similarly sized Evoque will be a more basic and hard-wearing cabin, with tough plastics and more durable fabrics. The Freelander will also have fewer dashboard buttons than the model it replaces, thanks to a central touchscreen similar to that in the latest Range Rover.

Even though the new car has a similar footprint to the Evoque, Land Rover is certain the demand is there for both cars. It predicts that the global SUV market will grow from current annual sales of 14 million cars to 22 million by 2020. And the brand has come up with three ‘pillars’ with which to capitalise on this sales boom: luxury, leisure and dual-purpose.

Luxury is looked after by the new Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Evoque, which are set to be joined by a long-wheelbase Range Rover and a seven-seater Evoque in the next two years.

The forthcoming Defender replacement is the dual-purpose model in the range, with the Discovery and new Freelander representing leisure. A Land Rover spokesman told us the company is always looking for areas of growth, so we expect two versions of the Freelander – with the five-seater in our picture set to be joined by a seven-seat version to appeal to US buyers.

Both models will be built at the Halewood factory on Merseyside, and they’ll use a scalable steel platform being developed at JLR’s expanded network of test sites in Germany, Dubai, the US and Sweden, as well as the UK.

The Freelander will benefit from the brand’s range of all-new four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, which will be built at a new £500million Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, W Mids, from 2015. Land Rover claims these will deliver “class-leading levels of refinement and significant reductions in emissions”.

New Freelander: engines and price

The Freelander is expected to be offered with the new nine-speed automatic gearbox, as well as the latest Haldex 5 four-wheel-drive system, controlled by a version of the automatic Terrain Response 2 system. An efficient front-wheel-drive model will again be available, but it promises to deliver much better fuel economy than the current eD4, which claims 47.1mpg.

When the new car hits dealers, it will be more affordable than the Evoque, which costs from nearly £30,000. The Freelander should start at around £25,000.

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I hope it doesn't look like that! The back end looks very awkward with the tall rear side window and small, low set tail lights not completely dissimilar to a Proton Savvy!

JLR - If you're listening, don't allow the Freelander to look exactly like this!

Finally, an Evoque, oops sorry, Freelander that you can see out of.

Its hardly an exclusive if you produced the photos yourself?

Give me 5 minutes and I'll publish the exclusive images of the Freelander 4 to come out in 2019.

It seems my previous comment has been deleted, but this Freelander 3 is nothing like the real thing, I hate it when people not remotely connected with the car do these renderings, have a look back at AUTOEXPRESS supposed exclusives over the years and not one has looked anything like the finished product.

Please stop it, or at least get some pictures of teh real thing, oh yes you can't can you....

The images above suggest a look that is too similar to the Evoque. I can't see JLR producing a car that looks this close to their premium brand for fear of devaluing it.

"The new Land Rover Freelander 3 is coming in early 2015, but we can show you now what it could look like."

It could also look like an Austin Allegro. Or a giraffe. But it won't.

Please, JLR, Don't go for shallow windows - the car needs better all round visibility than this - also, please not the washed out green seen here!!

Jaguar Land Rover are moving forward!

And it certainly will get better!

The Managing Director of the main BMW Works - responsible for 3 and 5 series production - which is in Dingolfing, Bavaria, Wolfgang Stadler an extremely active part of the BMW senior management has just resigned to move to Jaguar Land Rover as board member for production!

He will be bringing a lot of technical experience and advanced production know how with him and is certainly an extremely important boost to Jaguar Land Rovers future technical capabilties in its expansion and manufacture of new models!

Well done Jaguar Land Rover!

Surely if the Freelander is going to look like this, there is no point in the Evoque.

And well done for boring the pants of me!

Here's MY exclusive image of what it COULD look like
That's a view from the from by the way.

Not long ago I read a story which stated the Freelander name would be dropped and the "new Freelander" would simply be a 5 seater version of the Discovery. The product plan for JLR seems to change every week! A while back they were talking about leaving the luxury end of the market totally to range rover and making the next discovery a slightly more civilised version of the next Defender which itself would be rugged utility vehicle. That seemed to make the most sense but now it seems they have reverted to just replacing the current line up with more luxurious versions of the same thing. I fear that each model in the Land Rover/Range Rover range will just steal sales from each other.

If I had just bought my evoque I am not sure I would too pleased to these images....

don't worry people. it looks hardly anything like this.

I think the new Freelander will look something like this as all LR products all look essentially the same just in a different scale. Same fronts, same Jordan look at me bling and all getting progressively more urban.

One article says that Freelander 2 will be replaced by ' a Baby Discover Sport " in 2015 and the next article says it will be replaced by a Freelander 3 . Which is which ? Please make up your mind.