Overfinch Range Rover Sport launched

19 Jun, 2014 3:50pm Jordan Bishop

British tuning company Overfinch launches its limited-run take on the Range Rover Sport, priced from £87,995

This is the Overfinch Range Rover Sport, the latest Land Rover to benefit from an exclusive conversion from Leeds-based tuning company Overfinch.

Production is limited to just 100 models a year, each one priced from £87,995 before individual design preferences and options are added.

If the large Overfinch badges weren’t enough of a give away, marking the upgraded SUV out from the standard Range Rover Sport is a bespoke carbon fibre Body Styling Package.  

Included in this is a larger front splitter and LED lights for the subtly flared front air intakes, with the rear diffuser also beefed up. This contrasts with the redesigned rear spoiler, creating an ‘X’ graphic around the boot lid when viewed from behind.

Quad Overfinch exhausts and branded alloys – available in a range of finishes from 21-23 inches – complete the exterior look.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport rear

A choice of fine wood veneers serve a similar purpose in personalising the interior, although a carbon fibre trim is also offered in a selection of colours, including charcoal, bronze and green.

Customers are also faced with a dizzying range of options when it comes to deciding on seat design, stitch patterning and colour, with the upholstery trimmed in Bridge of Weir leather.

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Meanwhile, an Overfinch Performance Package means the changes aren’t purely stylistic. A digitally remapped ECU, revised exhaust system and upgraded supercharger all combine for an estimated 42bhp performance increase over the flagship Range Rover Sport’s standard 510bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8.

Making the most of the extra output is a Bluetooth-controlled ‘track mode’ feature, activated via a button integrated directly into the Overfinch key fob. One touch and Twin Pulse Width Modulated controlled electronic valves open in the exhaust, freeing the V8’s full potential.