Lexus LF-LC coupe concept

9 Jan, 2012 9:00pm Jack Rix

New hybrid super coupe from Lexus makes its debut at the Detroit Motor Show

Lexus has its sights set on the Aston Martin DB9 with its stunning LF-LC concept, revealed in Detroit. Lexus is calling this car the start of a new phase - signalling its intent to inject more emotion and desireability into its products.

The car is officially described as an exercise to explore the future of Lexus design, but we spoke with Ian Cartabiano, Studio Design Manager at Lexus' Calty studio, based in Newport Beach, California, who has other ideas: "It's taller and longer than the LFA and a genuine 2+2, so is more of a GT coupe than a supercar. We see it as an Aston Martin competitor more than a BMW 6 Series rival. We'll be judging reactions over the next couple of days and if it's positive, who knows, we could make it."

Video: watch our video of the LF-LC at Detroit

The 2+2 features a host of dramatic details. Most obvious is the targa-style glass roof, which combines with a long bonnet and chunky A-pillars. At the front is an even more aggressive version of Lexus’ latest family nose – first shown on the LF-Gh concept, which previewed the new GS.

But the LF-LC features an even more prominent grille, as well as striking triple LED headlights and a pair of huge intakes that feed air to the brakes. At the back it takes its inspiration from Lexus’ LFA supercar, with a pert tail, LED rear lights and more air vents. Inspiration for the tunnel-like rear lights is said to come from the afterburners of a F-22 jet fighter.

The cabin is full of flowing shapes covered in purple, quilted leather and wood veneer. Emphasising the luxury feel are the leather-trimmed instrument binnacle, chunky multifunction steering wheel and sporty leather seats.

The LF-LC is stuffed with technology too, including two 12.3-inch LCD screens, one that functions as the instrument panel and another sitting on top of the dash. There's a control panel below - a bit like an angled iPad - which allows the driver to execute more complicated commands. Instead of toggles to control the windows and mirrors there's touch pads on the door panels.

There's no official word on the engine yet, only that it's a next-generation hybrid powertrain, with over 500bhp, and power i sent to the rear wheels.



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Quite what injuries that would give a pedestrian in the event of a colllision who knows..... when you see the likes of the Italian style houses and their wonderful uncomplicated designs which are highly desireable, then you see the hideous abortions that eminate from the far it any surprise they are about as desireable as a dose of................... !!!

Have to agree with fliz123 it's too overstyled. It looks like a twelve year old has been given a pencil and told to draw a sports car.

Twevle year olds design Audis, they just put tracing paper over a pervious design and there you have tit, he next Audi.. A bit miss copying here and there, that makes they slightly different who cares, it becomes a new Audi !!

Bear in mind this is a Concept, Would they not clean it up before production as they have to meet many requirments ?
Whose to say the front can be made more pedeetrian friendly.

If they Clean up pthe front end, I think they'll have a winner.

Anyway, those about the bits sticking out, On this site there's a BMW advert, the design on the front of the BMW is way more complex bits sticking out too and no ones complains - just because it's BMW ..

AHHH , all you Toffs don't you get it ? the vehicle design - California there has to be a new Batman movie coming out and this is the new Batmobile !

It's the same old problem, chaps, Lexus is of that inferior oriental origin and not from the 'Old Dart', or at least Europe. Can't expect much in the styling department or anything else, what?

Seems some have a poor time assimilating available information, and are further crippled by systemic prejudices.

The vehicle is a 'Concept'. Seems that is a hard to grasp, concepts, for some, again.

It was designed in Southern California in a Lexus 'Design Studio' that designs vehicles for future consideration and to get public input.

As a concept it pushes the design envelope and usually is not producible as is, for a lot of 'obvious' reasons which are obviously
beyond the ken of some of the above commentators.

I swear, 'Auto blogs' attract some of the dumbest people out there..or they are still about eight and haven't been weened from the sandbox.

Umm, no.

An example of a concept car that pushes the design envelope is the Alfa Romeo Pandion.

Whilst the point of the LF-LC might actually be to showcase emerging technology and interior styling, the images presented here depict an established fastback coupe silhouette - not unlike the Lexus LFA - with a hideous and impractical front end.

Pushes the 'practical' design concept.

Little out there with four wheels is a true original concept. The last 4-wheeler that did that was the Meyers Manx...dune buggy, before that , maybe the Cistalia Coupe. The over the top flourishes of the 'Pandion' due not 'push the envelope'. It is still a sporty coupe with all the identifiable features of the genre.

no it wont make production, but if it does, even barely resembling this monstrosity, who cares? more so, who will buy it? who would want to buy it? i wonder what the SPORTS version will be like?????

It nearly looks like a sexy high-tech dream car out of a manga movie, but unfortunately not quite: it actually just looks a bit of a mess.

Okay 3 a concept/design study its CRAP!! If Lexus make anything vaguely like this they will have their coillective heads up their fundamental orifices. They've done it already!! With the pig ugly, what was it, SC400. How long ago did that stop production, because they couldnt sell any.
Lets call time, and say its a completely pointless exercise.