McLaren P1: More details

6 Feb, 2013 3:36pm Luke Madden

The new McLaren P1 hypercar will feature a digital instrument cluster and a focused 'Race' mode

McLaren won’t be unveiling the production ready P1 until the Geneva Motor Show next month, but the British manufacturer has given us a tiny glimpse of the interior.

These pictures reveal that the P1 is set to get a digital instrument cluster, which can change display based on which mode the car is set to. In the confirmed ‘Race’ mode, for example, it displays an Formula One-inspired gearshift indicator featuring green, red and blue lights.

Slotting the car into Race mode will also extend the ‘active’ rear wing to increase downforce. The wing works in tandem with flaps, which automatically open and close ahead of the front wheels, controlling the air flow around the car. McLaren claims that the P1 generates 600kg of downforce at 150mph, the same amount as the 12C GT3 racer.

We expect the P1 to cost around £750,000, with the first customers set to receive their cars on 2 September to coincide with McLaren’s 50th anniversary.