Mercedes A45 AMG

6 Mar, 2013 10:00am Luke Madden

Full story on the new 355bhp Mercedes A45 AMG, following its debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Mercedes has revealed the A45 AMG, a 355bhp hot hatch with the punch to beat a Porsche 911 away from the lights, but for half the price.

Unlike all the other AMG models, which currently use either a V8 or V12, the new A45 AMG has a four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbo. The 355bhp engine boasts the highest horsepower-per-litre figure of any production car, and is hand-built by AMG.

The car also features a new AMG 4Matic four-wheel-drive system and a seven-speed automatic transmission, and rockets from 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds. That’s half a second quicker than the manual BMW M135i hatchback and only a tenth slower than the C63 AMG.

But while the performance may be a match for the 6.3-litre V8 C-Class, AMG models are just as much about noise as they are acceleration. A turbocharged four-cylinder isn’t naturally the most tuneful of engines, but Mercedes has fitted an AMG sports exhaust to help create some aural drama.

The A45 AMG also comes with new sports suspension and speed-sensitive AMG steering to help improve handling, and the ESP system can be switched between three modes: On, Sport and Off. There’s a Curve Dynamic Assist mode, too, which can brake individual wheels to reduce understeer.

AMG’s new trademark two-bar grille is one tweak differentiating the A45 from a standard A-Class. There’s also a chunky bodykit, a rear diffuser, some lightweight alloys and two chrome-plated exhausts. The interior gets sports seats finished in faux-leather, with red stitching. There are red seatbelts, too, and red highlights on all the air vents.

Mercedes will also offer a range of styling and performance upgrades. Among them is an aerodynamics package with a large rear spoiler and a bigger front splitter. There’s firmer AMG Performance suspension, too.

Despite the supercar-rivalling performance, Mercedes claims impressive economy of 40.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 161g/km – that’s a huge improvement on the 23.5mpg and 280g/km of CO2 claimed by the C63 AMG.

The A45 AMG will be available to order shortly and should cost around £36,000.

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Fugly! Nazis can't do cars for sh!t!

Give me a lighltly specced £50k diesel 2 tonne Freelander-in-drag that can almost crack 10 sec to 60, return nearly 30 mpg, only spends two weeks a month in the dealership being snagged, and best of all is 100% John Bull British!!! - except for the Frog engine, made by the Yanks, the Jap/Kraut gearboxes, and the Jingly owner.

Why is it called A45 if it has a 2L engine?!

Otherwise Audi would sue them.

I'm so glad Mercedes ditched the mini-MPV looks for its A-Class. This A45 AMG certainly leads the hot hatch category.

The number is more relative to the engine power than the capacity..... as will all Mercedes.
C63 is a 6.2
S65 is a 6.0..... but more powerful!

ML280 and ML350 are both 3.0, but different power.

AMG always drop the last number,

Boom! That's what I'm talking about. The current AMG Sport isn't a bad looker but this is just great. Now, the choice between this or the CLA....

"The 355bhp engine boasts the highest horsepower-per-litre figure of any production car". That is not true since Renault 0.9 tce, Ford 1.0 Ecoboost and Fiat's twinair has all higher horsepower-per-litre figures and they are produced in millions.

Looks nice. Stats sound great... Still, a real shame there is no manual version!

How's that? A 0.9 would have to deliver >160 hp and a 1.0 >178 hp to better this one; I cannot find such powerful versions - please clarify/provide links? thx

Mitsubishi evo either the 360 bhp or the 400 bhp from their 2.0ltr has more BHP than this and costs less

no manual option. rubbish.

This will be the 45th year anniversary for AMG.

Smart, small, 4wd & powerful at last. Just hope the rear spoiler is just for boy racer looks & not necessity & you don't have to have it. Otherwise I think the CLA will be more appealing to Merc drivers. Hopefully its servicing will be mileage related like my last AMG saving me time & money