MG Dynamo electric car revealed

MG Dynamo
17 Apr, 2014 2:30pm Jonathan Burn

MG Dynamo concept to move brand away from classic car image

MG is attempting to shrug off its classic car image with the Dynamo electric concept. It’s a preview into the brand’s potential future plans and also marks MG’s 90th anniversary.

Unveiled at a private event in London last week, the Dynamo has been developed in order to fully understand European market demand for a small electric MG and previews the latest design and technology from the manufacturer. If the concept is well received and feedback is positive, MG will consider putting the Dynamo into production.

Although the Dynamo points MG in a whole new direction, the model is actually based on an existing car from sister company Roewe. Under the skin is a revised version of the Roewe E50 electric vehicle sold exclusively in China – both MG and Roewe are owned by SAIC Motor.

The Dynamo measures in at 3569mm long, slightly larger than a Volkswagen e-up! but is around 59kg lighter weighing 1080kg. Performance figures announced so far reveal the Dynamo will use a 71bhp electric motor developing 155Nm of torque, enough it to get from 0-31mph in 5.3 seconds. That puts it a yard or two behind what would be its key rivals and the 50 mile range on a single charge also falls short of claimed 90 miles offered by the e-up!

A full charge for the Dynamo is said to take up to six hours from a standard power source but an 80 per cent charge can be achieved from a rapid charging point.
Later in the year Auto Express will be getting behind the wheel of the Dynamo, highlighting MG’s potential plans for mass-production. We also understand a more comprehensive charging infrastructure and dealer network would need to be introduced before MG pushed ahead with production.

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If it's fun and peppy then it will be worthy of the MG badge.

50 mile radius...they really cannot be serious. Utterly pointless car with no possible market. There will not be enough charging points ever available for more than a few thousand cars. In addition the most obvious market, London, is mostly full of terrace houses and flats with no chance of any charging at home. Since we are not going to line the streets with charging points the only electric cars that are going to sell in quantity are Prius type hybrids. In reality hydrogen does seem increasingly the way forward unless someone solves the problem of electrical storage.

The sloppy journalism in this piece can be misleading - comparing the minimum range of the MG with the max of the VW - although I do agree that electric vehicles are not the future and I am unsure of why it is being pursued.

Seriously, would anyone want one of these? With the cheap and nasty products of the SAIC era MG is now seen as crassic rather than classic.

Price. Duh.

Calm down. They are just dabbling with ideas, nothing wrong with that.