MG3 coming to Europe

26 Jul, 2012 10:44am Luke Madden

Latest spy shots confirm that the MG3 will go on sale in the UK, arriving early next year

These are the pictures that confirm the MG3 will be coming to the UK, complete with a new look and a few other European-friendly updates.

It was spotted testing in Spain wearing UK number plates and the camouflaged front hides a slightly updated fascia. The lower intake has been made shallower and is more shapely, and the grille has been given more of a wing shape, a lot like the new Renault Clio.

The car is already on sale in China but MG will be making changes to the suspension set up and the interior quality to help the car appeal to more demanding European customers.

The engine line up will consist of a 107bhp 1.5-litre petrol engine and a 1.3-litre engine with 87bhp. Future engines include a range of small turbos starting at 1.0-litre in size, plus, eventually, a 1.4 diesel.

The standard MG3 will go on sale early in 2013. A hot-hatch model will also be unveiled later in the year and a rugged Streetwise version may also be produced.

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Saw these un-disguised 1 week ago on M42 near NEC. Pretty car.

1.5 should be pretty nippy, decent looking car

I see them every day at work! And it's a pleasure to work on them! Hopefully it will give the midland car industry a breath of fresh air! :-)

I saw one of these undisguised last week heading towards Leek in Staffordshire from Ashbourne as I was going in the opposite direction - some good roads by me near home. Looked good in Silver!

Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!! MG, will you stop with the cheapo identikit hatches and saloons and that fugly SUV thing. What we want as MG customers are a modern day version of a Midget and a B. And maybe a hot (Not an MG6) saloon. An MX5 rival to be the Midget and a front engined, rear wheel drive V8 powered GT / convertible. Look at BMW and Mercedes with their Z range and SLK's. THAT is what we want. Not this rubbish. The name and heritage are getting diluted more and more each day.

Looks cheap and nasty, and the engines sound like they are from the 90s. Can't see the appeal myself when there are loads of other really talented superminis on the market.

Saw MG 3 in silver on duel carriageway nr Newport South Wales yesterday, looks quite good but a little bit dated already in my opinion

It looks like a Skoda Fabia around the windscreen pillars. Overall the styling is less utilitarian than the Fabia. If it drives well, has a well designed & built interior and above all, is very competitively priced, it might succeed.

the engines are brand new and have been designed with general motors and will be on the replacement for the Vauxhall Corsa

the engine is brand new and has been developed with GM and will be on their next generation of small vauxhalls