MINI Clubvan concept

6 Mar, 2012 1:00pm Jack Rix

MINI Clubman spawns Clubvan commercial vehicle concept at Geneva

Following the Coupe and Roadster, MINI has revealed another two-seater – with a twist. The MINI Clubvan Concept is an unlikely entry into the commercial vehicle market, and it has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

To maximise the loading space, the rear bench has been removed entirely. The rear is 
also modified with a flat loading floor featuring six attachment hoops embedded into it. 

These provide anchor points for bungee chords so you can secure cargo of all shapes and sizes. There’s no official figure 
for the total loading space, but MINI claims it’s ‘significantly more’ than the 930 litres offered by the Clubman with the rear seats folded down.  

If things do start flying around, under heavy braking for example, there’s a partition made from solid aluminium, with a stainless steel mesh on top, which
stops anything making its way into the front compartment.

The Clubvan retains the Clubman’s controversial five-door layout, with two for the front passengers, two barn doors at the back and a small 
suicide door on the 
left hand side. The concept is finished entirely in British Racing Green, and demonstrates a key benefit of blocked out side windows –  they provide the perfect mobile billboard.

There’s no official word on what engine the Clubvan will 
use, but it could get the 90bhp 1.6-litre diesel from the One D, which is capable of 72.4mpg.

A MINI source said the Clubvan was extremely 
likely to make production. And when it does, VAT-registered buyers will be 
able to claim back the VAT 
in full thanks to its status 
as a commercial vehicle.

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Come on BMW what next? trying to fill every niche market with the Mini is getting a lot boring and poor taste, only because BMWknow there is die hard Mini fans don't mean you should build it! what's next a flying Mini, a jet ski Mini or maybe an ice cream van Mini, keep use clown cars rolling there's plenty of clowns out there to buy them!

When are we going to get a cleverly packaged, actual small MINI, like the original, BMW? I don't like the cynical feel to the MINI now, the original had soul, this is a marketing exercise.

Cheapens the brand with so many variants like they'VE done to the BMW range.
This one makes it look like a hearse..

come off it QuattroABT, is'nt this exactly the same nonsense Audi is loading the marketplace with? emm, just enlighten me for a moment, last count, how many models, versions of models, ridiculous limited edition models etc etc makes the current Audi lineup? i rest my case.

Err the suicide door is on the right not the left and like it's contributory platform the door is truly suicidal in a LHD environment. But on the van it is totally pointless unless it is to gain cleaning access to the dog chipper partition.
Another pointless derivative of a potentially excellent base, reminds me of the emporers clothes nobdy has the nerve to tell BMW execs it looks stupid.

As for it being a niche product, there have long been vans based on other small hatches, like the Ka, Corsa, Fiesta and so on. Why not a MINI?

Its little wonder that Brits are sometimes referred to by the Australians as 'Winging Poms' - judging by the complaining nature of most of the comments people submit on this site.
'Snappyuk' makes a pertinent point though because of course the original Mini was available for a long time as a Van version.
So once again I will 'complain' about the number of inane and sometimes puerile comments submitted.
Come on guys, get your head out from where it shouldn't be and be 'proper' petrol-heads (enthusiasts) and, if you can't say anything positive, stop wasting your time, and ours!

No, not why has Mini done this, but why does Quattro have to decry everything the BMW group do? I mean, there must be something in the range that you like! If you were in business (when you get out of school!) and saw a place to make more money, wouldn't you do it? No??? Fool..

Clickpw.. I take it that you think the origional Mini was also pointless? The Mini van back in the 60's/70's was a lot smaller and even less of a load lugger, but people loved it! That was despite the fact it was unreliable and in the rain was even worse.. I know, I had one...

And Hugo, hugo, hugo... How on earth, even with your childish mind, do you get Hearse from that Mini shape? It is a VAN! Vans look like that! Sheesh...

Funny thing is, the same old people critisise anything BMW do whether it is warranted or not. I keep seeing looking at the posts on the ugliest cars around, Ford and Peugeot and never see posts as disparaging as for BMW!

Brendan? Spot on matey...

Actually I think it looks quite good, unlike many other MINI versions. I had an original mini traveller, and at one point discarded the rear seats and used it to tote equipment for a band - amazing how much you could get in there.

However, there is a fatal flaw: in any practical van, the loading lip needs to be level with the floor.

Wouldn't even be nearly big enough. You wouldn't get a ladder in it, or any large equipment that signwriters use. So a stupid bit of marketing if you ask me. Any self respecting sign writer would not buy a mini.
Now had it been mobile hairdresser...

BMW used the wrong name Should be 'Hampton sign-writers'!

Strange how the retro marketing of a mini in every niche is sneered at yet BMW has only paid lip service to the kings of 'Badge' Engineering BMC/BL/Leyland/Austin-Morris/whatever who had the same body shape in so many guises that even the dealers were confused.

As BMW owned Rover cars one assumes they also retained access to the majority of the old sales marques so we may yet see Mini as a 2/3 seat version affixed with Hornet and even an Elf nomenclature, would not be beyond credence.

Alternatively Dolomite, Acclaim or Herald might appear as enhanced trim option packages.

As a van I suppose it makes modest sense for trendy businesses...web designer, computer technician or nail technician.

How long until we see a 300Kg pick-up version? Complete with ladder/surf board rack. Eventually one supposes a 'Moke' version might appear so gentlemen and ladies BMW have a good few cards left to play before they have used all their options with this one fat bloated and over-size version of a true classic.

Agree completely with @gofasterstripes - have you ever seen an original Mini parked next to the new generation Mini?

I own my own business & am reg. for VAT, therefore would get it refunded, plus would be nice marketing / advertising tool, i dont need much space in a commercial vehicle so would be ideal. yes you WILL see a pick-up version eventually, + other versions too. I do think the Countryman is an ugly waste of time though. I think a stretched ''crewcab'' version would be very cool? Balcstar; check out signwriters vans, all ladders on top, on roofracks, + if i opened an ''Adults Shop'' i dont think any of your ''self respecting sign-writers'' would turn down the lucrative work of signwriting my premises?? Townsman, as regards pickups, check out the Redbull Minis with big redbull cans attached on rear. Thorntonjames; have you ever seen an original Fiesta beside a new Fiesta, or any other original car beside its latest incarnation?

Awesome, much better than the countryman, and it looks so cool in that "British racing green" and with the advertisment on the side.thumbs up from me.


Haha, when you have nothing to rebutt, you take comments to attack people, who's the child now !!??
When it takes a child to see that the emperor has no clothes, I become a child to say the car is butt ugly and looks like a hearse.
How so ?
Black and long, dull, sad looking..

Then. Again, I can't have my own opinions because rumour says this mini is brilliant and defends it to the hilt...

I find peoples criticism of the new Mini a bit odd and most of the arguments re the design are absurd.

However if there is one thing that BMW seriously screw up on is the needless tinkering of a good basic design.
It's as though the design team were/are desperate to fill in the hours and justify their existence.

The first new Mini looked great, so why bother doing all these silly versions like the coupe- they are trying too hard, and messing it up.
The pics of the new concept miniMini are a joke- why don't they listen to people? - it's simple- keep it small and simple, same shape etc, stripped down, like the original-
Fiat's new 500 gets the point in a modern context.-it's small and basic
I do think, bar the idiotic rear door -wake up BMW is your head where the Sun doesn't shine? - that this van version is great-

It should sell well,-there are not many vans around that could be classified as fashionable, so it's a smart and natural move, and historically, the original Mini had a nice little van version

Yes BMC did create other versions-Riley etc , but the one thing they got really right was the simplicity and size of it.
Most if not all cars were a lot smaller then-it has to be said. BMW's interpretation is an excellent car. with bags off character

People who say the original was better are a bit misinformed- it was a good car, and fun to drive , however was a deathtrap in a crash, and was unreliable with crap quality control, and poorly engineered by modern standards- it also rusted badly, and the attention to detail with interior fittings etc by modern standards very poor and was slow,
Even as a Cooper S it was pitiful unless serious tuned-only
60 hp & 0-60 in 13 secs anyone?