MINI Clubvan concept

6 Mar, 2012 1:00pm Jack Rix

MINI Clubman spawns Clubvan commercial vehicle concept at Geneva

Following the Coupe and Roadster, MINI has revealed another two-seater – with a twist. The MINI Clubvan Concept is an unlikely entry into the commercial vehicle market, and it has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

To maximise the loading space, the rear bench has been removed entirely. The rear is 
also modified with a flat loading floor featuring six attachment hoops embedded into it. 

These provide anchor points for bungee chords so you can secure cargo of all shapes and sizes. There’s no official figure 
for the total loading space, but MINI claims it’s ‘significantly more’ than the 930 litres offered by the Clubman with the rear seats folded down.  

If things do start flying around, under heavy braking for example, there’s a partition made from solid aluminium, with a stainless steel mesh on top, which
stops anything making its way into the front compartment.

The Clubvan retains the Clubman’s controversial five-door layout, with two for the front passengers, two barn doors at the back and a small 
suicide door on the 
left hand side. The concept is finished entirely in British Racing Green, and demonstrates a key benefit of blocked out side windows –  they provide the perfect mobile billboard.

There’s no official word on what engine the Clubvan will 
use, but it could get the 90bhp 1.6-litre diesel from the One D, which is capable of 72.4mpg.

A MINI source said the Clubvan was extremely 
likely to make production. And when it does, VAT-registered buyers will be 
able to claim back the VAT 
in full thanks to its status 
as a commercial vehicle.