Mitsubishi Evo X replacement could be hybrid

Mitsubishi EVO X FQ360
Credits: Dave Smith
20 Nov, 2013 7:39pm Graham Hope

Mitsubishi Evo hybrid considered, but no definite plans yet

A replacement for the Mitsubishi Evo X could be a hybrid, UK boss Lance Bradley has admitted.

He told Auto Express: “MMC [Mitsubishi Motors Corporation] has had a hard time for a couple of years, but now they are through that and they are making money again so can start to talk and think about projects like this [a new performance car].

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“Niche products within a niche manufacturer are difficult to do when you are not making money.

“There are no definite plans at the moment, but it is being discussed. We are discussing whether customers would accept a hybrid set-up within it.

“My view is they probably would. As long as it feels and drives like an Evo, it’s fine. If it can do that and have low emissions, it’s fine.”

Bradley added: “And of course one of the things people don’t first think of with a plug-in hybrid system is how quick and smooth it is, because you get all that torque from no revs. There’s no reason why you can’t extend that to a performance car.”

Meanwhile, Bradley is also considering importing some special editions of the current Evo into the UK next year due to demand.