Mitsubishi Evo makes a comeback

Mitsubishi Evo X FQ400
Credits: Matt Vosper
15 Feb, 2014 11:45am Steve Fowler

The Mitsubishi Evo X is coming back to the UK for a limited Mitsubishi 40th anniversary run

Mitsubishi has confirmed that the Mitsubishi Evo X will return to the UK this year to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary.
Just 40 limited edition Evo X cars will be produced, all in white and all likely to feature special Evo X 40 badging. Further details, including engine power and price, will be announced by Mitsubishi on March 19th.
Unfavourable exchange rates led to the Evo X’s exit from the UK in 2011, but with the pound strengthening against the Japanese Yen, Mitsubishi UK has decided to bring the car back.

New Mitsubishi Evo vs Impreza WRX STi battle?

Subaru’s decision to put the new WRX STi, traditionally the Evo’s arch rival, on sale in the UK will also have helped persuade Mitsubishi UK that the time was right for a return.
Mitsubishi was one of the fastest growing car brands in the UK in 2013, with sales up 38%. January figures saw another increase, up 46% year-on-year. A new plug-in hybrid Outlander SUV will help to boost sales even further in the UK this year, while new Shogun and ASX SUVs, all with plug-in technology, are set to see that sales rise continue over the next few years.

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Nice, UK is one of biggest market in europe for these cars, Subaru take note and bring the new Impreza WRX !

[sarcasm on]

Oh great, just what we need a boy racers car!

[/sarcasm off]

You'd rather Mitsubishi continued selling several sizes of boring 'crossover' SUV things?

A shame the Lancer was axed, the ordinary saloon with the TDi engine looked like a mini EVO but had the running costs of a Skoda...

I'd rather they didn't sell them at all, because all you get is scroats who think they're of the F1 driver club hammering around in them.

They just cause grief. Even so called more mature drivers seem to turn into drongo's when they get behind the wheel of one.

I own one of those so called 'boring' SUV Mitsubishi's. It's the diesel version of the ASX and it's a belter.