Nissan Project 370Z

13 Aug, 2012 6:23pm

Nissan asked its Facebook fans to help design an ultimate track version of the 370Z - and now it's being built

Every car fan thinks they know how to improve a car – so Nissan gave people the chance to do just that via Facebook.

Based on comments it received on the social networking site, the Japanese manufacturer created a one-off 370Z with unique interior and exterior design, and an enhanced engine and chassis.

This video follows the transformation as engineers at Nissan turbo charge the 3.7-litre V6 to increase power to 500bhp and refit the car with performance coil over suspension. The cosmetic upgrades include bespoke Recaro sports seats and a heavily modified body kit, which help ensure the Project 370Z stands out from the crowd.

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I was really liking this article right up until the words "one-off" sunk in. Pity. P.s. I have the KW V3 suspension on my RS6 and I'm not sure I would choose this again on a car.. it squeaks over speedbumps! LOL

What a load of rubbish! Clearly a bodge job to please the Chavs! Everything about this from grinding and spray can painting the hubs to fitting the exhaust on the floor smacks of a lack of professionalism and expertise. Nissan make awesome performance cars not this tat!