Nissan TeRRA concept

27 Sep, 2012 3:00pm Luke Madden

Nissan has unveiled a new hi-tech hydrogen fuel-cell TeRRA SUV at the Paris Motor Show

Nissan has unveiled a new hydrogen fuel-cell SUV at the Paris Motor Show, complete with an electric motor from the Leaf.

The car is called the TeRRA, and part of its electric powertrain is under the bonnet, driving the front wheels. The rears are driven by electric motors in each wheel. Both run off a hydrogen fuel-cell mounted under the boot floor.

There are no power output or range figures, but the Hyundai ix35 FCEV fuel-cell proves cars like the TeRRA can go nearly 400 miles on a tank of hydrogen. The only emissions are pure water.

Nissan says the TeRRA doesn’t preview a production model, but aspects of the styling could shape its range, while the fuel-cell tech could feature in showroom models in future.

As with the Ford B-MAX, the TeRRA has no B-pillar, so access to the cabin is extremely easy. Once inside, there’s a recyclable plywood dash, while the instrument cluster is removable – so you could simply unplug it and use the satellite navigation to find your destination on foot.

As there’s no driveshaft running front to rear, the car also has a totally flat floor, plus all the seats can be folded flat.