Nissan Golf rival spied

10 Dec, 2012 5:30pm Luke Madden

Nissan will launch a family hatch in 2014, and our spies have caught the first glimpse of the Golf rival

Nissan is working on a new Volkswagen Golf rival and we’ve finally got pictures of one of the early prototypes, ahead of its launch in 2014.

The newcomer will be built at Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the UK and is expected to look completely different from the car in our pictures. This prototype uses a Nissan Tiida body as a disguise but the all-new running gear is underneath.

Instead, we’re expecting a look inspired by the Invitation concept - which was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in Match - including the sharp headlights and ‘squash line’ in the flanks. The new car won’t share a name with the concept, though, and Nissan bosses have told us: “It won’t use the Almera name… But it will be familiar.”

The range is likely to kick off with a new 1.2-litre turbo petrol with 113bhp and 190Nm of torque, capable of returning more than 50mpg. The biggest seller, though, will be a 1.6 diesel with around 128bhp, sub-100g/km CO2 emissions and 65mpg economy.

A Nismo hot-hatch version is also on the cards, with more than 200bhp from a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine.

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I wonder if they'll revive the Pulsar/Sunny name

I thought we'd already been led to believe the Sunny name was coming back - not a bad name and you can still buy a Sunny in lots of parts of the world. I just hope the renault influences don't ruin this car.

Great to hear a hot nismo version on the way - hope they draw some inspiration from the old Sunny/Pulsar GTi R

Dear Auto Express,

Quote: - The newcomer... is expected to look completely different from the car in our pictures.


I'm more than happy to cut you some slack in the interests of an entertaining read, but this is just ludicrous. I mean "A new Nissan is on the way. Here are some photos of what it WON'T look like."

You might as well post a picture of a Model T Ford. Or a man carrying a red flag.

Good luck!
Nissan hasn't made a C-segment car since the production on Almera stopped. I'm afraid t's not gonna be an easy come-back for Nissan.
The competition is no longer limited to VW, Ford, Vauxhall and Toyota. Nissan has to worry about the very competitive Koreans too.

Yes yes yes! Bring back the GTi-R nameplate to :D

It'll be an oddball Megane but with better Dealeships and Reliability - but if the French have ordered it to be as ugly as the Juke/Joke then it'll bomb here sadly, because Nissan deserve better than that!

Blame it on Nissan UK; so much focus on SUV and cross-segment in the line-up, you'd think that's all or the best Nissan has. There are however some decent Nissans in this category elsewhere right now, e.g the new USA-market Sentra: hope the new car is similar . Current UK offerings suck; I always wonder who decided cars like the Almera, Primera were so bad they couldn't sell, especially as the competition never seemed any much better.