Nissan Volkswagen Golf rival: new details

Nissan VW Golf rival 2014 spy shot
17 Oct, 2013 10:41am Tom Phillips

Nissan 2014 C-segment hatchback to take on Volkswagen Golf ‘from Bluemotion to GTI’

Nissan is planning a new mainstream C-segment hatchback that will take on the entire range of Volkswagen Golf models, from Bluemotion to GTI, and will be priced accordingly.

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That’s according to Nissan’s new vice president of sales and marketing, Guillaume Cartier. He confirmed that the C-segment model would target the established mainstream when it arrives next year.

He told us “when we went out and did our research we found that there were lots of customers who would never buy a crossover. So we knew that while we had the Juke and the Qashqai, we also needed a traditional B-segment model (the Nissan Note) and a C-segment hatchback.”

Key to this decision is buyers who are downsizing from larger models, particularly fleet customers.

“Fleet buyers make up such a significant percentage of the C-segment market in Europe.” To capture a slice of that market, Nissan’s VW Golf rival will include a Bluemotion-rivalling diesel, so expect claimed fuel economy and CO2 emissions to match the Golf’s 88.3mpg and 85g/km figures.

However, Nissan hasn’t forgotten enthusiasts either, and promises a Nismo performance version of its new car, too. It will become the first properly mainstream Nismo model to be sold in the UK, following the GT-R and the Juke, which are more niche offerings.

The C-segment model is one of four new models that Nissan will launch in the next 12 months. The Nissan GT-R Nismo arrives at the Tokyo Motor Show in late November. Cartier adds that this car will cost a fair bit more than the standard car, but will beat that model’s 7 minute 26 second lap of the Nurburgring, thanks in part to aerodynamics co-developed by the Williams Formula 1 team.

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The GT-R will be joined at Tokyo by a pair of Nismo concepts - one reportedly radical, and one retro, with the latter most likely to be built.

The all-new Qashqai will arrive early next year, followed by the new seven-seat X-Trail, which effectively replaces both the old, rather utilitarian X-Trail and the Qashqai+2.

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I don’t think is going to be a brand new car at all. My
guess it will be an updated Nissan Tiida as sold in Japan, or known as the
Nissan Pulsar as sold in Australia, which is already a good couple of years

Checkout Nissan’s Australian website to check it out.
Apparently the Pulsar name Down Under is a little legendary for the market.

I really don’t think either that Nissan can match the Golf
unfortunately, as much as I would like that car to be overtaken. I cant imagine
the quality of the interior will be up to VWs level, although the design may
well be visually more exciting.

Dynamically also it remains to be seen.

Judging by Nissan rhetoric when the Nissan Invitation
concept was shown, which ended up as the far inferior looking Nissan Note
despite the promises, I’m not going to hold my breath with the Golf rival. Don’t
even get me started on Nissan’s Micra. A monumental failure.

And that’s coming from a massive Nissan fan.

This is not a matter of ability. It's about marketing choices en positioning. VW are not doing anything supernatural. If Nissan are prepared to take the risk and the costs they can match VW in every aspect.
But it remains to be seen if this will turn out to be profitable for them in the long run

True KevD.
I hope they deliver. My point was they say alot of things prior to launch and the result ends up being a little lukewarm.
Still my favourite car company though.
Would love that Nissan brings a solid family saloon/hatchback. A Bluebird for the 21st Century? Now you're talkin'!

I think you've got it spot on there.

If they stick with the same cheap plastics they have in the Juke they are going to have to really price the car down compared to rivals including the above Golf.

But they have the Juke Nismo at 20k so if they can bring out a C-segment car with 200bhp at around the 20k mark id think they'd be on for a winner.

Same powertrain as the Renault Sport Clio but a size up.

It really doesn't take much to match or beat a Golf, the VW lives on its reputation and is in fact one of the worst cars in its class.

Farsight spot on VW are as you have said living on a VW inspired marketing legend, which does not live up to the real world. They are consistantly in the bottom half of leagues tables for reliability, service mechanical /customer The big myth is falling apart