Nissan invests £26.5 million in EV battery production

Nissan Leaf front
21 Jan, 2016 12:01am Jonathan Burn

Nissan has announced a £26.5m investment in the Sunderland plant that builds electric car batteries

Nissan has announced an investment of £26.5m has been made at its lithium-ion EV battery plant in Sunderland. The funds have secured the production of future generation electric car batteries at the site, which will power models such as the Leaf and eNV-200.

The investment comes at the beginning of Nissan’s 30th year at the Sunderland production site – the largest facility of its type in the history of the UK car industry.    

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Paul Willcox, Chairman, Nissan Europe, said: “With 200,000 customers around the world already, the Nissan LEAF has transformed the performance and perception of EVs and made Nissan the undisputed leader in EV technology.

“Today’s announcement reflects Nissan’s intention to remain EV leaders for many years to come, with our UK operations at the heart of our future innovations.”

Around 300 ‘highly-skilled’ jobs in manufacturing, maintenance and engineering have been ‘safeguarded’ at the site.

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