Peugeot 2008 vs rivals

Peugeot 2008 vs rivals
26 Jun, 2013 11:00am

We pit the new Peugeot 2008 against two class trailblazers, the Skoda Yeti and MINI Countryman

Compact crossovers are all the rage, but it’s taken Peugeot a while to join the party. Only now has the all-new 2008 arrived in the UK.

It’s based on the capable 208 supermini, gets fashionable SUV-inspired looks and promises to blend family hatch cabin space with MPV versatility. Prices start at £12,995, and we test the £18,995 top-spec Feline model, which has a punchy 115bhp 1.6-litre diesel and low 105g/km emissions.

Squaring up to the 2008 are two of the toughest rivals in the class. First up is the Skoda Yeti – our Car of the Year in 2010 – which delivers rugged looks, a roomy interior and a brilliant driving experience. Better still, our GreenLine test car claims low emissions and excellent fuel economy.

It’s joined by the MINI Countryman, which scores with a great image. The cabin is short on kit and doesn’t offer loads of space, but is packed with practical touches, while the 1.6-litre diesel is cheap to run. So, has the fashionably late Peugeot model hit the target or missed the boat?


Despite arriving late to the compact crossover party, Peugeot has made a really strong first impression with its strikingly styled 2008.

The newcomer stands out from the crowd, is good to drive and, in top-spec Feline trim, comes brimming with kit as standard. Better still, its cabin is roomy and slickly designed – and as a result, the 2008 beats the MINI.

The Countryman has an upmarket image, excellent build quality and exceptionally low running costs, but it’s hard to ignore the high price and miserly equipment. It also has the smallest boot and suffers from a firm ride.

So has the 2008 done enough to topple the Yeti? Not quite. Even after three years, the Skoda still sets the standard in this class, thanks to its brilliant driving experience, robust build quality and hugely versatile interior. It’s also well equipped and very cost-effective to run.

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No, I wouldn't buy Skoda, I would go for Peugeot 2008. It is good looking from inside out and it is quieter than Skoda.

Imho the 2008 looks cool.., in-outside, much better than Skoda and Countryman .., than Peugeot has excellent quality , and brilliant 1.6HDi ...Chapeau Peugeot

These tests are getting increasingly redundant as the VAG products always seem to win, no matter. I've grown a habit of guessing the star ratings that AE gives on their reviews, and not once have I been wrong. A Mercedes will never get more than four stars, even an SL, which they cannot say one negative word about other than it's not Ferrari sharp - which it isn't meant to be.

The Peugeot may be better than the Yeti at all things, but they will always come up with some elusive argument as to why the Skoda should win. VAG interiors are MASSIVELY overrated. There is just as much brittle hard plastics as in any other product; unfortunately, they also rattle at least as much as any other product.

Will have to go with your verdict and elude the VAG bias articulated above..

Having owned a Yeti for 3 years now (before all the hype) I can understand why it has many merits, The handling is superb, nothing has gone wrong, my car gets used every day and is driven very hard. Having owned Citroen's and Peugeot's in the past, I will stick with VAG brands as I want a car that will last.

I had my first Yeti for 3 years too, and am now three months into owning my second one. Both have been fantastic cars. As always, the biggest problem with owning a Skoda is that some people haven't moved on in 30 years and can't accept that they're genuinely excellent now.

Skoda Yeti = Boring Czech Box for old people

The Skoda is a great car, but it's quite ugly. The mini is not so mini anymore!

Agreed, and most of the haters drive inferior cars, mostly Fords or Vauxhalls. It's only the UK that Skoda had the bad image in the 80's - badge snob britain. My Yeti has been amazing. I'm 32, and have a red 1.2 TSi. Best car I have owned.

You don't understand why people still have a bad opinion about Skoda, but you do the same with French brands, that are, according to different surveys, much more reliable than VAG cars.