3. Peugeot 206: The Sculptor

19 Dec, 2012 10:00am

The ad

Somewhere in India, a young guy stares forlornly at his Hindustan Ambassador. He gets in and drives it at a wall, smashing up its front end. He then does the same to the rear, before getting an elephant to sit on the bonnet and taking a hammer to the rest of the bodywork while a bemused crowd looks on. After working long into the night, he holds up a crumpled bit of paper – an advert for the Peugeot 206. When he lowers this, the viewer sees that he’s dented and smashed his car to mould it into the same shape as the Peugeot.

The expert view

“A funny ad that’s a classic rug-pull technique in advertising where you simply can’t work out what he’s doing – is it an insurance job? Great ending with a cool soundtrack.”