Peugeot 6008 SUV aims at Q5

Peugeot 6008 SUV
2 Oct, 2013 11:07am Steve Fowler

The Peugeot 6008 SUV concept is based on same platform as sister brand Citroen's Wild Rubis, featuring HYbrid4 technology and posh interior

The Peugeot 6008 SUV is the brand's attempt at continuing its push upmarket in order to rival the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. It’ll be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show next April.

Following the positive reaction to the Citroen Wild Rubis SUV concept, which previewed a new DSX model, Peugeot will use the same platform for its SUV. So expect it to be around 4.7 metres long and 1.95 metres wide.

That means it won’t be underpinned by the new, lightweight EMP2 architecture from the new 308. Instead, it will rely on bits from the 508 saloon and estate.

However, the design team will use styling features from the Peugeot 2008 and Peugeot 308, with swept-back headlamps and boomerang-style LED lights at the back.

Speaking to Auto Express, Peugeot’s director general, Maxime Picat, said: “We clearly need to be in that market. 

The only question is whether it’s a 4x4. In Europe, 80 per cent of SUVs are 4x2s – we have the functionality of 4x4s with our HYbrid4 technology.”

Picat also stressed the importance of moving the brand upmarket, where there are higher profit margins on cars, adding: “We will continually push the brand upmarket – it’s a priority over the coming years. We’re also looking to improve the quality of service.”

As China is set to become Peugeot’s biggest market, the 6008 will launch there first, with European sales possible from 2016.

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I hope it looks like the's handsome.

At least if its based on 508 running gear it will have IRS and should be sharp to drive

Another French deathtrap on its way to plague our congested roads.

Dogs dinners that are regurgitated have more appeal that this slugmobile.

Promising design direction. Best looking Peugeot in ages.

Another dollop of fetid anti-French bile regurgitated to plague our senses.
Vive la peine!

Nice Looking but useless without 4x4 & diesel.

Utility " Useful and Practical " I'm going to call my Dacia Lodgy an SUV now. The Audi Q5,Q7's are just pumped up estates and don't deserve this typically American term, and do you see the Aussies saying "just going to town in my Sports Ute.

Is the average consumer really going to consider Peugeot as a premium brand? Do we really expect Ford's Vignaile brand to take off? Ask your typical consumer about Peugeot and they'll cite their A and B segment products but hardly anyone knows (unless you're a car anorak!) the 5008. I just can't get my head around someone who makes a liftstyle-choice for an Audi even contemplating buying a Peugeot badged car (independent of whether its well styled, spec'd or has better dynamics).

The Hybrid4 model is a part-time 4x4 (the rears are electrically driven) with a diesel engine.
This system is almost the perfect drivetrain:
Diesel front-wheel drive, for everyday mororing and long-distance;
Electric-only rear-wheel drive, for cities and short journeys;
4x4 for when you need it!
They just have to get a decent auto gearbox into the system and it'll be utterly perfect.

I hope it have V6 not only a 4 which it now on Volvo & Madza

Lots of design themes already seen in many KIA concepts & even production cars are visible here. Makes one wonder whether Peugeot designers are getting their inspiration form KIA.

I don't know what "premium" means, other than "too expensive"! As an example, of the four largely clonal superminis produced by the VW conglomerate a recent consumer survey gave the cheapest, a Skoda, a higher satisfaction rating then the dearest, an Audi.
There is a lot of very crafty propaganda flying around and all too many people fall for it.

Hi Paul, that was kind of my point. People buying a label rather than the substance behind it.

Can you please translate into English?

It's a photoshop from autoexpress not a official peugeot picture