Porsche "Fire and Ice" video

Porsche fire and ice
3 Jan, 2014 9:36am Nathan Velayudhan

Short film demonstrating Porsche's 'Thrilling Contradictions' tagline, created by contest winner

Porsche recently held a contest inviting ten filmmakers to create a 60-second film demonstrating the tagline for the Porsche Panamera, 'Thrilling Contradictions'.

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The winning entry, called "Fire and Ice," was submitted by director Ross Cohen, who has also directed commercial spots for brands such as AT&T and Island Records. Cohen was also behind short films such as Last Day, Tarantula Moonrocket and Willowbrook - this last one won Best Short at the 2012 Boston Film Festival.

Inspired by the new Porsche Panamera, Ross' video harnesses ice and fire to illustrate 'Thrilling Contradictions'. It involves the use of a blowtorch, which seemingly sculpts a flat block of ice into the shape of a Porsche Panamera. Ross' team used reverse motion, meaning they melted the sculpture in real time and then reversed the footage so it appears that the sculpture is "growing."

The ice sculpture itself was carved by Shintaro Okamoto - a world-famous ice sculpturist, whose talents range from life-like sculptures to live performance carvings. You can see more on his website

As a reward for his work, Cohen gets a trip to the Chicago International Film Festival, and the short video may feature in advertisements in theatres associated with Spotlight Cinema Networks.

Porsche used the same strategy for the 'Engineered for Magic. Everday' tagline in 2011. The winning film for this contest was "It's a magical life" by Michael Koerbel, and follows the story of the life of a man from the view of a Porsche 911's boot.