Renault Captur prices

23 Apr, 2013 2:32pm Paul Bond

The Renault Captur will start at £12,495 - which means it undercutting its rival, the Nissan Juke, by £500

Full specifications have been announced for the all-new Renault Captur, and the entry-level model has a startig price of £12,495. This means the Captur will undercut the cheapest Nissan Juke by £500 when order books open on 1 May.

Four different trim levels will be available from launch: Expression, Expression +, Dynamique MediaNav and the range-topping Dynamique S MediaNav. All models come generously equipped with alloy wheels, electric windows all round, sliding rear seats, cruise control and stop-start and is available with a choice of two engines - both from the current Renault Clio range.

Petrol power comes from an 0.9-litre three-pot engine with 89bhp which emits 115g/km of C02 while the diesel alternative is a 1.5-litre engine with an identical 89bhp output but a higher 220Nm torque output and tax-free emissions figure of just 95g/km. Both come with five-speed manual gearboxes as standard and can also be personalised with a range of different interior and exterior upgrades chosen from three colour coordinated collections - called Arizona, Manhattan and Miami.

Renault predicts that the mid-range Dynamique MediaNav will be the strongest seller and as the name suggests it comes with a seven-inch touchscreen sat-nav, bigger alloys, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, plus climate control and a leather trimmed steering wheel. This version also comes with the innovative feature of removable and washable seat covers to help keep the cabin looking fresh year after year.

This model also gets the option of a more powerful 119bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that comes with Renault's EDC dual-clutch gearbox as standard, while an automatic version of the diesel will become available later this year. When this model arrives the Dynamique S version will be the most expensive Renault Captur in the range at £18,895.

Selected options include the R-Link app system and upgraded sat-nav for £450, a City Pack that inlcudes parking sensors and folding mirrors for £395 and heated front seats for £250. The optional styling tweaks vary from £150 to £550 and range from gloss dash materials to contrasting roof colours and decals.

However the Nissan Juke will not be the only rival to compete with as the Captur will be up against the new Peugeot 2008 and Chevrolet Trax plus forthcoming rivals from Ford and Audi.

All Renault Captur models also come with the brand's 4+ aftersales package as well which adds a four-year warranty, four years free servicing and roadside assistance plus four years finance.

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Another charmer from Renault after the stylish Clio. Captur's two-tone paint job and the funky interior could be another deal clincher for some.

Emissions from both petrol and diesel units are incredibly low for a car this type. Competition such as Juke trails way behind the Captur.

Band A (£0) for diesel and C (£35) for petrol means this will attract company buyers. Space in the rear and boot is a vast improvement on the Juke.

Better looking than either Countryman or Juke (not exactly difficult) but my reaction to this sort of vehicle is still "Why".

What an absolute bargain. Why on earth you would choose the more expensive, less attractive and vastly inferior Trax/Mokka is beyond me. Nissan will need to look at cutting the Juke prices too. I will be getting myself one of these.

Are you serious?? This looks awful. This won't trouble the Juke - or DS3 for that matter. Looks like a fat Clio.

are you kidding 900cc 3 cylinders, no thanks

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