Renault Twizy windows for £295

Renault Twizy windows
29 Oct, 2012 3:15pm Tom Phillips

The electric Renault Twizy now gets the option of zip-on windows for £295

In preparation for winter, the electric Renault Twizy now comes with the option of a pair of zip-on windows, costing £295.

The zip-on windows come in two parts: a rigid metal frame which attaches to the Twizy’s plastic scissor door, and a transparent plastic window which zips onto the frame with a zip.

The Twizy’s door handles are located on the inside of the doors . When the windows are fitted, these can be accessed through an opening in the window, while the window itself has a pair of vents in it to ensure the windscreen doesn’t mist up.

Renault is keen to stress that the new windows require no tools to fit, and can be easily removed. What’s more, the plastic has been tested to ensure that it can withstand UV light, corrosion and cold temperatures.

The window set will be available from UK Renault dealers from the end of November.

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I would have assumed Windows would have come as standard, especially in the UK

It will only give certain German manufacturers ideas!

It was a mistake from the begining not to put windows to this car... A big mistake like only Renault can do... as usual... They have the best Formula 1 engine but the worst sportscars... Tell me what is logical?

Cool, would have loved this as a second town car but done insurance quote £1800 a year on twizy, my alfa mito £450. Hardly makes them a cheap 2nd car run about. Windows big thumbs up though, wud so luv one though

What protection is available from theft? Are those who don't buy the windows just gonna take them from the fools who do? And one someone's windows are stolen, do they get them back from the next fool? Good thinking Renault; maybe you hope to sell them more than once to each fool customer...