Skoda Fabia 2014 price and release date

18 Mar, 2014 12:29pm Tom Phillips

The all-new Skoda Fabia is due to be revealed in the Autumn, and our exclusive images show how it could look

The new Skoda Fabia is expected to be revealed to the public this Autumn, according to the brand's 2013 annual report.

The new Fabia will not be based on VW’s MQB platform as previously reported, but will use the fuel-efficient engines and infotainment systems from the VW’s range.

Skoda has plans to increase sales worldwide to at least 1.5 million models along with introducing or updating current models every six months.

The all-new Skoda Fabia is still more than 12 months away, but it’s already hit the road – disguised as a current VW Polo. And we’ve used insider information to produce exclusive images of how the showroom supermini could look (above).

Skoda Fabia vRS could be axed

Although it was popular in the UK, Skoda struggled to sell many vRS Fabias in the rest of Europe so the sporty flagship is likely to be dropped for the new generation - but the head of development for Skoda, Dr Frank Welsch, hasn’t ruled it out completely.

“Of course if there is very strong demand in some markets we will be quick to make it happen, as engineers we love to build cars like this,” he said.

Welsch explains the reason behind the decision: "The truth is people love the vRS, but they don’t buy it – compared to the price of a normal Fabia it’s too much." Optional extras such as alloy wheels and styling packs like the Monte Carlo are very popular, Welsch continues, suggesting that this is the direction Skoda will be focusing on in the future.

Skoda Fabia 2014 styling

Dr Welsch explained: “We’ve been planning the Fabia alongside the Rapid and Octavia, so it will not change too much in terms of size. “It will get a totally new design, with optimised proportions, so it will be slightly wider and lower and more attractive, but it will stay a very compact car.”

Skoda’s latest design language – established by the Vision D at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show – is minimalist and conservative, as seen on the new Octavia and Rapid. However Chief Designer Jozef Kaban told Auto Express on a recent event that the new Fabia will be the most extrovert model yet, with a wide front grille, angular headlights and LED tail-lamps.

However, it’s set to retain a version of the current model’s chunky, upswept C-pillar, and Skoda is likely to offer contrasting colours for the roof, wheels and door mirror caps following the huge popularity of its Monte Carlo special editions.

Kaban also suggested that the whole brand was excited to make a car that could be a recognisable part of the range but also more expressive than sensible family cars like the Rapid Spaceback and Octavia.

A test car was spotted that was packed with weights to give the drivetrain and brakes a real workout. The current Fabia, launched in 2007, was the first of the latest generation of VW Group superminis to go on sale, so it makes sense that it would be the first to be replaced.

When the new version lands in showrooms, it’ll probably cost slightly more than the current Fabia, which starts at £9,945.

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However well informed this is, we are only dealing with a "what might be". Hopefully it might turn out a tad more enterprising (Pinky and Perky are preparing for take off) but what we see here is rather too like the current model; a sort of Chapel Elder on wheels.

The current Fabia is selling extremely well for Skoda, despite its aging looks and rather uninspiring interiors. The Monte Carlo and vRS models are fine, but it is letting the rest of the excellent range down. Hopefully, the new version will be more funky, more upmarket materials used and have a more youthful appeal than the current one. And have a DIESEL vRS model with a proper gearbox option, not just DSG!

You claim the Fabia is selling well which I find surprising as I hardly ever see one.

Concept looks are to good to be true when it comes to the production model, i hope it really it does make production like this but i doubt it, just as the new octavia concept hype but the production model boring & bland it's more of a revamp than a whole new base.

Seems like you don't live near old homes. That's the place to find this rare breed of car. If one car needs updating its Fabia.

Oh dear, another stereotypical comment. Have you looked on Briskoda forum? Loads of younger people with Fabia MonteCarlo and vRS models. Sales breaking new records here too. When it does get replaced, it HAS to be more modern and less OAP than this current one though, that I do agree on.

I wonder how the sales figures of the current Fabia compare with the previous generation: I don't seem to see so many of the newer one, but the old one was really popular, still is. I think the looks play a big part in this. The first generation was a nicely proportioned, solid looking car, but the present one has always suffered with looking too tall and narrow. Hopefully Skoda will have learned from their mistakes.

There are currently over 200,000 Fabias on UK roads alone, so you must drive with your eyes shut!

Needs to have a diesel VRS again, both manual and DSG plus a three door version would be a good idea

This update will be very welcome when it arrives. I feel that the current model looked awkward when compared to the previous one. If these pictures are anything to go by the new model will be a big improvement and will fit in nicely with the rest of the Skoda range.

Price and release date?? Where??

Stating that a car will be released in 2014 is not really giving us a release date. Similarly saying "it’ll probably cost slightly more than the current Fabia, which starts at £9,945" is not giving us the price. What does this piece actually tell us that we didn't already know?

Is this the one with the dreadful 1.4 turbo-supercharged engines that do 6,000 miles before they do a grenade impression and leave owners with a £3,000 repair bill?

Ah! well there was a dirty great Skoda advert at the head of the page when I clicked on it. This would explain why a thread that was started months ago was brought back.
Cynical, moi?

The current Fabia is an excellent all round car. I agree it is needs a more modern look now as it does look a bit dated compared to other models. A more modern design will attract different buyers as it a very good car. Looking forward to seeing official images.

The 'dreadful' engine isn't purely a Skoda issue, you need to start mocking VW, Audi and Seat.

And one more time!

Fabia RS 2010, 70 000 km broke down. Do NOT ever byu RS!!

i have a vrs with a 1.9 diesel please build a new version as the
old one is a bit of devil but a excellent car & veary reliable


And again! (They might have mentioned also that the new version is suffering from "size creep" as Autocar have managed to do)

For a second time , we agree! This thread is ages old, that pic is a mock-up, the new Fabia will take bolder styling cues from the Vision C concept, and will be lower, wider and more appealing across the range than the current one, which despite being 7 years old, is still selling extremely well.

Glad to know it! However we will have to disagree about the term "bolder" in relation to the Vision C concept. IMHO this is another Skoda exercise which makes rather a mockery of the concept of "concept" with a mockery of the word "Vision" thrown in as well. However I suspect the clientele are a bit too stolid (whatever their age) to take kindly to too much flair and clearly Skoda know their market.

It doesn't need to have the vRS badge, it would just be a great little car, if it had some small tweaks to the suspension & steering setup and say a sporty 1.6 petrol engine.

It's a small car, so doesn't need a monster engine.

What Skoda need to do is bring some of the best parts of the interior of the Octavia and transplant them in the Fabia, as some people like the interior or the Octavia, but can't afford or need the size of it (Octavia) & the Fabia is the perfect size for them.

After a lifetime in the Motor Trade and technically qualified, I am now in a new Yeti having been satisfied with a 2007 Fabia for 4 years.
Skodas are well made and durable so no longer deserve to be ridiculed, not as 'bargain' priced as before but good value.
Both my (30 something) sons have old shape Fabias and are pleased with their comfort and practicality. One has 140,000 miles and has NEVER broken down!

The vRS is being dropped because the Twincharged CAVE and CTHE engines have been a disaster causing Skoda no end of PR problems.

I agree I have one too it's very naughty but would not sell it ever! The vrs would sell so well if they gave it back it's Diesel engine and a normal gear box

Another dull looking Skoda... decent design needn't cost extra!

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