Suzuki Swift 4x4 review

29 Jul, 2013 10:45am

All-wheel drive gives Suzuki Swift supermini car extra appeal without spoiling its sense of fun


If you need the reassurance of a car that will keep going when the weather closes in, the Swift 4x4 is a great choice. The economy penalty is worth paying, while the lack of impact to the excellent driving dynamics is a real bonus. The 4x4 isn’t the quickest car you can buy, and its dimensions mean space is at a premium, but it’s a strong package.

The new Suzuki Swift 4x4 really does get off to a flying start - costing from £11,516 or £13,116 for the top-spec SZ4 driven here, it provides a rival at last for the Fiat Panda.

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On dry roads there’s barely any difference in the driving experience compared to the equivalent front-wheel-drive Swift. 
Despite having an additional 65kg to haul around – courtesy of the extra rear differential and connecting shafts – the Swift 4x4 only weighs 1,085kg, so its superb chassis remains agile and alert.

However, the weight penalty means that CO2 jumps by 10g/km, to 126g/km, and fuel economy drops by 5.2mpg, to a claimed 51.3mpg. The 4x4 uses different suspension and dampers, too, raising the ride height by 25mm. This leads to slightly more body roll than in the two-wheel- drive model, but a smoother straight-line ride as a payoff. 

The 4x4 clings on impressively when negotiating roundabouts quickly, resisting understeer a bit longer than the normal model, but the difference is minimal.

It takes some work to get the best out of the 1.2-litre engine, but it delivers what little power it has smoothly, while the five-speed gearbox is slick to use, so you can keep the engine buzzing away sweetly.

The gear ratios are lower in the 4x4, something you’ll notice in first and second, to give you extra control when taking to the rough stuff. Despite the raised ride height, the newcomer has the same ground clearance as the standard car as the new rear differential hangs down low. 

However, the short wheelbase means it can cope with rutted gravel tracks and big potholes with ease. Grip is impressive when accelerating, even on standard road tyres.

The engine’s 118Nm of torque actually helps keep the wheels from spinning, meaning that acceleration from a standstill on a slippery surface is fuss-free. That said, if you opt for Suzuki’s winter tyre package, the Swift 4x4 would be almost unstoppable in snow.

Rugged-looking front and rear bash plates and plastic cladding on the sills and wheelarches give the SZ4 an extra dose of style, too.

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The best thing about a car like this, would be zipping up snowy hills, overtaking the so-called 4x4's such as the Cayenne and BMW X models knowing you have paid a fraction of what they have on a car that beats them at (part of, admittedly) their own game...

Are they doing a diesel version of this?!

Why no diesel version? I hate petrol engines.

While the Cayenne and BMW drivers sit in luxury and look at you and laugh at the pansy Suzuki

I hate Diesel engines

Only a problem if you care what other people think. Personally I'd rather have the £50k in the bank so that I can use it for something more worthwhile than wasting it on a vanity vehicle.

You and the Swift 4x4 will be very happy together then.

If you read my comment thoroughly, you'd have noticed I'd subtly acknowledged the fact that the Swift can't rival these cars in some areas such as luxury, however was drawing attention to the more traditional uses and advantages of big, expensive 4x4's.

Plus, why would Cayenne drivers be laughing at me in my pansy Suzuki, when your sliding back down the 2 metres of icy hill that you managed to conquer? Think you'll find I'll be the one laughing - all the way to the bank, where, as Misotonic quite rightly said, I'll have at least £50k to enjoy over the snowy months (or days)!

The only pansy here is you mate spouting your usual rubbish. You are obviously wrapped up in what others think. An inferiority complex perhaps?
'Cargeek' s comment makes real sense- this little 4x4 car will probably beat Cayenne's and BMW X models at their own game. Small lightweight 4x4's are always highly effective and at this money the Swift 4wd looks like a cracking small car.

touched a nerve there did I? hehe, the truth hurts don't it! I can buy a used X5 in perfect condition for much less than 13K - the cost of this little fairy suzuki.

Why would you have touched a nerve? I dont own the car above or anything like it so what you say doesn't bother me in the slightest! All you do on every post on AE is talk absolute s**t - fact! As I say you come across as someone with an inferiority complex (in the trowser dept perhaps). Truth hurts don't it! LOL!!

Your girl didn't seem to think so, go ask her!

In your dreams mate! She's not interested in guys who need tweezers to get it out LOL!

So what's she doing with you then? Guess she should have gone to specsavers!

Touched a nerve have I Lagoya? - hehe - Calm down dear! Looks like its not just me that thinks your a sad little p***k judging by other peoples replies above. Must be lonely for you. Along as you manage to keep your bloke happy. LOL

Haha! very funny, I just find it hilarious how wound up you are about a strangers post on an internet forum :) I bet you sit in front of your computer with baited breath waiting for me to post so you can continue this pointless discussion. Go and have some alone time with your blow-up doll and calm yourself down you worthless piece of garbage lol

I find your comment hilarious because you are doing exactly the same thing! - so obviously what I am saying is clearly bothering you and winding you up no end or you wouldnt keep responding! Yes this this is a pointless discussion but one that you started with your original pointless remark. So how are you going to respond next you worthless piece of s**t!! lol Have you managed to find a pair yet? If not you could always buy that used X5 and that might make you feel like more of a man!

Have you tried stand up comedy? guess not, because you suck at being funny. I find this whole tirade quite amusing to be honest. No one forced you to reply to my comment in the first place, you brought this onto yourself. And yes I would be very happy with a used X5, even a ten year old one is a better car that the little fairy suzuki you're drooling over. Anyway it's getting late now, shouldn't you be out working the street to save up for your little dream car? :)

Ha ha - you still sitting in front of your computer with baited breath waiting for me to post so you can continue this pointless discussion. Indeed no one forced me to reply to your original sarcastic comment, but I have and thats obviously what is bothering you...... because people like you are great at dishing it out....but not so great at taking it! Truth hurts don't it?!
No need for me to work any streets to save up for a new Suzuki... or indeed a new BMW if I wanted! Looks like your sights are set lower in life though - a used second hand X5 at ten years old! Hmmm you obviously didn't do so well at school. Nevermind, perhaps you could go out and 'work the streets' to save up for your dream car - a used ten year old X5! LOL

lol, It says a lot about your intellect that you resort to using my own words in your woeful attempt at retorting to my posts. This is all just a highly amusing game to me, One in which you initiated may I add. Your dream car is a suzuki swift yet you dare comment about someone having low aspirations in life? Haha! In fact maybe you should try stand up comedy, but prepared to get pelted with tomato's. Don't worry, I will gladly come and watch you crash and burn.

Key specs

  • Price: £13,116
  • Engine: 1.2-litre 4cyl petrol
  • Power: 93bhp
  • Transmission: Five-speed manual, four-wheel drive
  • 0-62mph: 13.4 seconds
  • Top speed: 103mph
  • Economy: 51.3mpg
  • CO2: 126g/km
  • Equipment: 16-inch alloys, keyless go, Bluetooth, auto air-con
  • On sale: Now
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