Tesla's Summon Autopilot feature now available in UK

16 Mar, 2016 11:00am Richard Ingram

New Autopilot feature is available to download for Model S and X allowing remote 'summoning' in UK

Tesla Model S drivers in the UK can now download a new Autopilot feature that allows them to 'summon' their car to a given location.

Earlier this year, US EV giant Tesla announced a set of downloadable Autopilot updates that would allow owners to remotely bring their car to them using an app on their mobile phone. However, while it was initially only available in the states, drivers can now use the tech in the UK, too.

Tesla Autopilot 7.0 unleashed

Previously, legislation didn't allow access to these features in the UK, but now you can press a button on your app and your car will come out and meet you. As long as it's private land, of course.

The updates also give the Tesla Model S the ability to open your garage door, drive inside, park and turn off autonomously at the touch of a button.

On Twitter Elon Musk called it the "first baby steps" towards the full "summon" capability, and suggested owners should try it out but not totally rely upon it yet.

The updates also include tweaks to Tesla's innovative driverless functions, including extra restrictions to its use in residential areas, and a blanket obedience of speed limits. It's after a number of videos were released of owners using automated steering in dangerous situations.

Tweaks to the Autosteer function to make it smoother and "to keep the Model S in its current lane" when passing junctions or when the white lines are faded. 

Elon Musk also tweeted plans for 2018 to make the "summon" function work over long-distances. He said "In 2 years, summon should work anywhere connected by land & not blocked by borders, e.g. you're in LA and the car is in NY".

It's proving a big year for Tesla, with the new Model 3 due for reveal later this month. The Model X SUV will also go on sale here this summer, potentially alongside a new faster Model S P100D.

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