New Toyota Aygo 2014 review

13 Jun, 2014 5:45pm Oliver Kew

All-new Toyota Aygo 2014 looks great, is comfortable to drive and affordable to run


Our first taste of the Aygo in the UK confirms there are enough welcome improvements to offset the fact that it’s not truly engaging to drive. It’s comfortable enough, and better mannered at motorway speeds now. Plus, thoughtful aerodynamics and a 60kg weight saving should ensure that it’s pretty affordable to run too.

Don't be lulled into thinking that because the Toyota Aygo has to share its platform and interior with the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1, and its engine is related to the old Aygo’s, that the end result is a compromise.

The new styling is anything but,with the striking ‘X’ that dominates the front of the Aygo available in an array of colours to capitalise on the trend for personalisation.

Toyota is also keen to highlight the less bug-eyed, angular headlights with projector lenses and standard LED running lights. In the metal, the new Aygo is not as cute as before – more masculine, even – but once again, it’s the most distinctive of the French-Japanese trio. No other city car drips with so much sheer attitude. There’s lots of aerodynamic attention to detail hidden in the bold looks, too: a double-bubble roof, fins in the rear lights and a front splitter all help to maximise efficiency and make life as easy as possible for the only engine option available.

It’s another 1.0-litre three-cylinder non-turbo unit, but it shares only its block with the outgoing car, and weighs in at just 69kg. It has one bhp more, at 69bhp, but it’s fed through a revised five-speed manual gearbox with new ratios for greater refinement and economy. Toyota claims figures of 68.9mpg and 95g/km of CO2 – 3.2mpg and 4g/km better than before.

That gearbox – although topped with a more pleasant lever than the ugly old one – is one of the only real causes for complaint. The gearchange is short and baggy – not ideal in the urban cut-and-thrust. However, the car does feel nippier than before, thanks to a 60kg weight saving over the outgoing model.

Inside, the new Aygo is much more sophisticated, with less exposed metalwork and materials that are more pleasant to the touch. Our test car was a top-spec ‘x-clusiv’ model, which sits above x-cite, x-pression, x-play and x-trim. Our manual five-door model comes with a price tag of £11,695.

Tactile steering wheel controls and a seven-inch touchscreen are standard on all but the basic ‘x’ model. Although it doesn’t include sat-nav (a £395 option), it’s crammed with tech including constantly updated fuel consumption graphs, digital radio and a crystal-clear reversing camera on high-spec models.

The new car is also quieter at a motorway cruise. Less wind and road noise is a welcome bonus, but there’s still enough of a cheery thrum when revved. However, if you’re after the last word in city car quality, with refinement and a dollop of driver fun thrown in, the Volkswagen up!, and its sister cars, the cheaper Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii, are still going to be the ones to beat.

Alloy wheels – another customisable option for the new Aygo – are up a size from 14 to 15 inches, but that’s not spoiled the ride on UK roads. On our test drive the Aygo remained largely composed, refusing to transmit any kickback through the flat-bottomed steering wheel. The car has been delivered to focus on comfort, so there’s not a great deal of entertainment to be had from behind the wheel. But Toyota is banking on the fun to be had with the accessories brochure instead.

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Wow knew before reading the article that there would be a VW reference... Instead we're greeted with 3! Why not mention the i10 or even the still popular 500? Has someone forgot to tell the writers that not all rivals are from VW group....

Yes, AE appear to be "at it again"! There is also the "VW worship button" in the third line on every page of this website.

The reason they're not mentioned is because they're not best-in-class cars. The VW Up, Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo are, hence the namecheck in order to provide you, the reader, with the definitive view on which is most worthy of your money, It's really not that difficult guys, try to engage your brain between learning to read and learning to type an ill-informed comment.

The i10 got 5 out of 5 stars from AE - the Up! and Mii only got 4 stars, but the Citigo also got 5 stars.

You might be right about the vehicles but all the time the aforesaid "worship button" exists, the editorial content is devalued. Advertising pays for this website but needs to be firmly separated from editorial stuff or the latter is not worth a bag of bones. Personal abuse devalues your comments as well.

Clio Style + Leaf hehe...

I'd take the i10. Really not keen on the new look of the Aygo, it's trying too hard. I like the honest simplicity of the i10 yet it still manages to look smart.

i10 only a 4 star euro ncap car. VW Group triplets are all 5 stars and safer vehicles to be in than the 'asian - cheap' looking hyundai.

All as i see are toyota ans renault ads, no vw group ones...

See third line of menu entitled "the Volkswagen experience". Only if this is clicked does it become clear that this is sponsored. Far too tangled up with editorial matters.

What's wrong with comparing the new car with the best in class ?

it is amazing how in nearly every article, AE mention a VW Group motor. Surely for the Aygo to be successful its gotta go up again 500 & Panda, the best selling cars in the segment in Europe, & yet they don't get a mention!!

Fingers crossed Toyota see sense & offer the new 1.0 & 1.3 petrol 3 pot engines in the Aygo that are meant to be coming from 2015. A 1.3 Aygo would be a car I would spend my own money on. PSA Peugeot / Citroen are offering either a 1 litre or 1.2 engine option for there car's, seem's a shame Toyota only offer the 1.0 engine option.

The new Aygo sure has a grumpy-looking face. I'll take almost anything rather than the fussy lines of this revamp.

Because "the best" is only a matter of criteria. And AE is rather opportunistic in that matter, like all the other AutoBild-derivates

The Up is 'rubbish', even the Germans think so (the first car delivered had major quality issues, water leackage etc, etc). The UP is also way to expensive and not a quality car at all, it is build as 'cheap' as the new Aygo etc.

But offcourse this AE, they have to do some promoting for their main sponsor VW.

If you want a reliable small car look no further go for the Aygo, I10, Kia Picanto or a base spec Yaris.

Recently, the Hyundai has been tested with the new Euro NCAP standards, that's why they have received only a 4 star rating (very good result for such a small car). The German trio were tested under the old Euro Ncap standard.

AE, Autoweek, Autoplus are all 'family' of the German based (Auto)Bild Group. Be sure that VW will negotiate how many cars of VW Group must be tested and compared with the competition, and be sure that they exactly tell the editors of Bild magazines what the outcome must be. VW spends tens of millions in advertising in Bild papers and magazines..... .

To achieve this position, well done VW.

Regarding AE, Autoweek, Autoplus (etc) this VW practise/sponsorship has nothing to do with an objective review, the text is 100% 'supervised' from Germany.

Ug;y vulgar car. Tiny boot

As usual Albert, you talk utter rubbish! AE is completely independent of all those mags you list. Is it not tea time at your care home? Hopefully the nurse will come along soon with your medication.

Are you writing from the same psychiatric ward as Albert, Netherlands? Take you medication and stop talking sheet!

Poor Albert. You were really risking being set upon by the "stormtroopers" with their metaphorical rubber truncheons for daring to express, rightly or wrongly, a contrary view. So thus it happened!

What a nasty looking car. Trying too hard to be different!

How rude and stupid, feel sorry for you.
There is nothing independant about this magazine, never was, never will be. Keep on dreaming.

Children please!!!

For a bit of perspective, here is a review from the leading, non VW sponsored, UK car magazine:

"..the Aygo has failed to catch up with the huge advancements made by the Hyundai i10, Volkswagen Up and Skoda Citigo. These rivals offer stronger performance, a more compliant ride, higher-quality cabins, more space inside and far better refinement." (What Car). What's more, the review carries a link to the VW Up review.

Seems like the Toyota's a bit of a dud then!

Equipped with a turbo it would actually have been quite interesting. To compete against the Clio's 0.9 Tce engine (90 hp) and the Fiesta's 1.0 (100 and 125 hp) the Aygo's 69 hp and an apalling 95 Nm is just not up for the fight....

So not only is it pig ugly but it is not very good. It means the PSA versions will also be below par. What a shame! Im looking forward to the new Renault Twingo which is almost certain to be the best city car you can buy!

LOL!!!! Nearly 12 grand for this ugly piece of junk?!

It wont be much cop a year or two down the line with the inevitable breakdowns. Meanwhile, it's fair to say the Mk1 Aygo proved itself in terms of reliability. I know which one I'd pick and with a four star rating it's must be pretty good.

Most VW Group cars are rubbish and at the end of the day the Up! was just a blatant copy of the mk1 Aygo/C1/107.

LOL the Germans charge you a he11 of a lot more than 12grand for there pieces of junk!

Actually the prices for this are slightly more than for a similar Up. At least the Up is a highly competent and critically acclaimed car, unlike this ugly beast!

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If you wish to speak to any of us here at Auto Express about how the publication is run, you can send us an email (, or by phone if you prefer.

Don't think so. The very top spec of these with the add on satnav will be under 12. Can easily spend 13 on an up which has less equipment and that very tacky stick on maps and more unit.

Not saying the aygo is great, but far better value than the up...and you have the added benefit of not looking like a VW badge snob which is priceless.

The Toyota is just not good enough. The old one was completely outclassed by the Mk1 Ford Ka (which dated from the mid 90s) and the FIAT Panda. Now they've launched the new one, it is once again, unable to match the class leaders. If you drive an UP you won't believe how comfortable and refined it is. I know I couldn't.

Reliability is a non issue. The Panda has proved itself to be reliable and cheap to run and service. Same with small Renaults.

The new Twingo will be RWD with the engine at the back, like a 911! The fact that Renault have been making great cars recently is a good sign that the Twingo will be a game changer!

Wow, the VW fanboys are out in force....let's just clear this up - the Up is not cheaper than this.

Headline price virtually the same yes, but its the usual german trick. Whereas this Aygo has everything as standard, let's see how the up fares. £500 more for paint! another £350 for parking sensors (aygo has camera as standard) £480 more for fake plastic leather seats, Aygo has keyless entry/start, a proper touchscreen panel instead of the tacky maps and more addon, 5 year warranty... I won't go on.

But honestly,lookswise the up is horrifically ugly compared to this it looks like a van and that's being unkind to vans.

Still, can see the blind faith the VW owners have, always the same they don't care about the car they are badge zealots. I have one as a neighbour they buy polo after polo after polo. Exciting people huh.

And unlike the obvious Up owners posting on here, I'm unbiased as I don't own either of these poverty boxes, I'm just saying which one is better if I HAD to reduce myself to driving one of them.

Go and wash your Ups, make sure you polish that badge!!

Key specs

  • Price: £11,695
  • Engine: 1.0-litre 3cyl petrol
  • Power/torque: 69bhp/95Nm
  • Transmission: Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive
  • 0-62mph: 14.2 seconds
  • Top speed: 99mph
  • Economy/CO2: 68.9mpg/99g/km
  • On sale: Now