Vauxhall Adam Cabriolet is coming

Vauxhall Adam Cabriolet
Credits: miroslav
15 Oct, 2012 4:52pm Steve Fowler

Vauxhall is set to introduce a soft-top version of the Adam, and our exclusive image shows how it could look

The Vauxhall Adam city car is set to lose its roof with a convertible version that could be just over a year away.

Vauxhall insiders told Auto Express that a convertible design has already been completed by the Adam’s British designer, Mark Adams, and his team. Adams has been promoted to design boss at Cadillac and Buick in the US, but design work on the Adam cabrio was finished some time ago.

Our exclusive image shows how the Adam convertible could look. Given the small proportions of the car, it’s highly likely that the Adam will follow the lead of the Fiat 500 and Citroen DS3 convertibles, with a powered, peel-back roof that leaves the door frames and roofline intact.

A glass rear window will lay down flat above the boot as the canvas folds back on top of it, so a soft-top Adam should boast a similar luggage capacity to the hatch, while rear seat space (already tight in the Adam) won’t be further compromised.

Prices for the hatch start at £11,255 for the fashion-orientated Jam models, while luxury Glam cars cost from £12,650 and sporty Slams from £13,150. Expect the cabrio to add at least £2,500.

As with the hatch, a 68bhp 1.2-litre engine, plus 85bhp and 98bhp versions of Vauxhall’s 1.4 petrol, will be offered.

Personalisation will be key to the appeal – there are 30,000 variations of the hatch, so expect a similarly wide choice for the convertible version.

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Thats what you get when you build a FIAT 500c and remove the style.

I'll take a 500 thanks - the Adam lacks taste.

Would you really want people to see that you've been stupid enough to buy the stupid car with the stupid name and the stupidly named trim levels.

Personally I would hide - the last thing I'd want was for people to see me.

This admitted "guess" as to the appearance of the forthcoming cabriolet emphasises just how derivative the styling of this vehicle is. Fiat 500 from the rear, Audi A.1/Ibiza in profile and a mixture of 500 and DS3 at the front. GM ought to be able to do better than this.

Oh dear - it looks like the ill fated Pluriel

if you ride a fiat 500 or a vauxhall adam 500 people will think you'r gay!
None of them are MAn's cars remember that!

So? Let them think what they want and just enjoy the cars!

are we all just copy each other now????

If Vauxhall/Opel are not greedy, this car will sell very well.
Sadly, going on past form they will be greedy and most people will opt for the Audi A1

Nice looking car in hard top form, but a silly name for a car & a more silly tent style roof they should just stick to a formula that works ie all fabric roof or metal folding roof you can't go wrong with them !

I've always been pretty confidant of my sexuality in any automobile. However if you get a little gay in small cars, I truly understand your need for a raised 4X4 truck. I've heard the larger the truck, the better endowed and taller one looks!

I drive these cars each day and have to say they would appeal to people who want a smart funky car,the one with the stars in the interior roof light up when the door opens great for courting couples