Vauxhall Ampera available from just £22,995

Vauxhall Ampera available from just £22,995
Credits: Otis Clay
26 Mar, 2014 10:40am Chris Ebbs

Range extender model on offer with extra £5,000 off on top of Government grant

New buyers can get their hands on a Vauxhall Ampera for £10,000 less than the list price.

The deal on the range extender model is available from Pentagon, and includes the £5,000 Government grant already available on the car.

This means that the price drops from £33,695 (falling to £28,695 after the £5,000 incentive) down to just £22,995.

That puts the range extender closer in price to the likes of the five-door Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion 5dr model, which is available from £21,270. The Ampera had previously been criticised for its high price putting off buyers.

Vauxhall told us that this wasn't an official price drop, but one offered by individual dealers. However, it wasn't just Pentagon offering the deal, as one reader got in touch to tell us he had been offered a similar deal elsewhere.

The real draw when buying a Vauxhall Ampera is the low running costs - the official figures are 235mpg and emissions of 27g/km of CO2. The economy will vary depending on the type of journey, but with a range of 50 miles on electric power alone, many commuters could make it to work and back on a single overnight charge.

The car also sits in the 5 per cent company car tax bracket, is free to tax and avoids the London Congestion Charge.